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Jun 5, 2020
Given (Anime) add (All reviews)
Shounen ai isn't something that most anime fans find comfortable watching. Not that it makes these viewers necessarily homophobic, but considering the genre's abysmal record of featuring BL containing romanticized sexual assault (I'm looking at you Junjou Romantica) to portray romance between men—on top of subpar writing and cringe-worthy dialogues, it's understandable that viewers would rather avoid it.

With regards to Given though, please don't. It made me grateful that I gave shounen ai another chance. I would have to chuckle at the next person who complains that it panders too much to fujoshis considering that Given is a lot more subtle and tamer compared to read more
May 16, 2020
Most Ergo Proxy fans tend to discredit other people who couldn't appreciate this "masterpiece" as either filthy casuals or plain stupid. I get that viewers sometimes need to put effort in understanding the concept of the show and I certainly have no problem doing just that. The thing is, if such effort is required to comprehend what is being conveyed due to the myriad of heavy and "deep" philosophical references and symbolism slapped in it every ten seconds, then maybe you have taken your humongous piece of convoluted fluff one step too far.

If you are unwilling to delve further into this review, I'll give read more
May 16, 2020
Romeo no Aoi Sora is, without a doubt, one of the most genuinely heartfelt shows I've had the pleasure to watch.

As most of the series from the World Masterpiece Theater, Romeo no Aoi Sora (Eng: Romeo and the Black Brothers) is also an adaptation of a famous classical children’s book, “Die schwarzen Brüder.” It came out in the winter of 1995 when this particular TV staple was on its final years and when there was a huge resurge of interest in mecha anime. At the same time, psychological and heavy action-centered shows were more popular than ever. Romeo no Aoi Sora seems almost obscure in read more
Sep 30, 2017
This is a two-part review where I'll be weighing in the positives and negatives of this show.

Starting with what I thought it did right:

Despite Boku no Hero Academia’s rather familiar and simplistic premise, its thematic consistency and high production value made it possible for this title to gain recognition and significant following among the anime community. Season 1 managed to deliver in an impressive note and thankfully, that didn’t waiver at all in its continuing season. Much like its predecessor, Boku no Hero Academia 2 looks and sounds just as good—if not, even better. While it still didn’t take any risks, it did capitalize read more