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Jul 3, 2010
Looking for something with thrilling gunfights set in the present day?

Then check out Rose Hip Zero and its sequel!

This short series can be simply put as a terror X anti-terror hollywood action flick done anime style. With a touch of BR and characters that relate to any number of other gunslinger girls, this manga is a reader's dream if it were animated.

The art is original in a manga sense, with a beautiful display of weaponry, shell casings, and muzzle flares.

The characters leave nothing to be desired, with good partner style drama being a key plot theme.

Like guns.... and yes, read more
Jul 2, 2010
Is this where I get to use the word "Gar"?

Yes, the main character Daigo is no Kamina, BUT metaphorically Daigo is simply like the eye of a storm. And a big one at that! No only does Daigo face some of the most extreme scenarios that can be plausible in the real world, but how he barely manages to "save the day" through his kan/intuition makes him one hell of a cool character!

There is plenty of drama when necessary, and with 20 volumes it is amazing how much can come out of a single fire station.

Read it to believe it, and ENJOY!
Jul 2, 2010
If you can read this in Japanese and LOL, then you are Japanese!

What you find in this series, is almost every aspect of traditional and modern Japanese life depicted in one small police box next to a park in Tokyo.

Actually its a hell of a lot more then that, with everything from simple Japanese "つっこみ” and "ぼけ” to complex workings of Japanese society at both a political and social level.

The cast is huge but grounded on 3 main characters: Yrotsu, Reiko, and Nakagawa.

And really, anything more on this CLASSIC from a beginner reviewer like me would just be letters, so FIND IT AND read more
Jul 2, 2010
This manga is short and awesome, and depicts the perfect mix between Shounen style Comedy and a business-based Phycological Game plot line. I'm not much of a reviewer so get the rest through the Recommendations section!