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May 26, 2019
Noragami is the kind of anime that truly gives justice to its country--Japan.


"All ye who desecrate this Land of the Rising Sun*! With my advent, I, [Yatogami], lay waste with the [Sekki] and expel thy vast defilement! --- Rend!"

I want to give emphasis that the very cultural appreciation, merged with wise and comedic storytelling makes it a perfect watch, anime-lover or not. But if you're a sucker for romance, comedy AND adventure--this will surely be a good weekend starter, I can bet my 5 yen on that ;)

STORYWISE - 9.5/10 "CULTURE-WISE read more
Jan 4, 2019
9/10 - Beautiful as its message.

The Borrower Arrietyy/The Secret World of Arrietty doesn't share the beautiful, blossoming and complex character of Howl or the kind of goosebumps ambience Spirited Away would give you. It has its own world. It feels most normal compared to the rest of Studio Ghibli.

What I like in the anime is the romance between the two, Arriety and Shou. Lines like 'Don't be afraid', 'You gave me courage to live', and 'You are beautiful'. I love the metaphor of the two. The film is a huge spark of environmentalism at its finest--'You change things. You destroyed our home' really hit read more
Aug 14, 2018
Let me write this while it's still raw:

I never knew the topic of death is like a maze that you could endlessly run to--there is more to life than a mere 'death'. In fact, the moment we are judged is might as well the only time we get to have a glimpse of the reflection of ourselves which we have not taken seriously when we still walked the earth,

'Death Parade'; from the title itself, as if it is celebrating Death with a new meaning: it is not something you should mourn, for people die every single day; it is not something you should stay read more
Jun 28, 2018
"I can't wait for summer, spring, or winter, to be with you again."
"I want to touch Gin."
"Hotaru, come here..."

These are the words we've heard that further broke our hearts. "Hotaru" means firefly in Japanese, and I can't simply express how something delicate and sad can be turned beautiful such as that of a flickering light of a firefly. I mean, the romance was something I wasn't hoping for--because if you were to met a strange guy (that doesn't age) and you start visiting him year by year and can't seem to touch him--if that isn't sad, that is merely tragic. Love grows in read more
May 19, 2017
Hen-tai. HENTAI. Cartoon pornography.

But I'll tell you that this one HAS a story, and it's realistic, and as I've read the other reviews--in a genre filled with rape/toys/'bizarre' fetishes this one is on the right track...with the right ingredients that are just enough not to feel the slightest disgust or guilt.

You want a romantic 'story'? If you are a very hopeless romantic person, congratulations.This one got ya covered!

It's about a main protagonist that is supposed to pick a fiance on the four sisters (they're not really, but childhood friends). But all of them are seemingly obsessed with him and every part of him, read more
May 19, 2017
10/10 everything: When Isayama came to Tokyo in order to pursue his dream at 21, that changed the anime industry forever. At 31, he's come to be a bestselling author that sells millions of copies and has had an anime which is being talked about by your classmates, your guy buddies, or by some person at the restaurant--or anywhere. I don't believe anyone can create a masterpiece like him: a battle manga that is out-of-this world, but somewhat connected to ours with its universal themes; political and melodramatic.

Is there such a thing as perfection? No.

Well, maybe in anime, there is (LOL).

This one only read more
May 9, 2017
The most beautifully drawn characters I've ever laid my eyes upon. I am in love.

But, that doesn't mean this one's my favorite.

For despite it's a pretty art, the story is kind of unsatisfying.

Here is why: the characters have their own uniqueness, but some have their missing pieces. Especially Yuki, who joins the bandwagon of damsell-in-distress (ugh, I hate those) that later becomes powerful. For some arbitrary reason.

And the most powerful tool a writer could come in force with, is the reasoning.

There is not much reasoning in Vampire Knight now, is there?

Except for the part where one girl falls in love with the read more
May 9, 2017
How do you define a better world?

What is a world without crime?

What makes a world rotten?

Watching Death Note pretty much makes you question the depths of these philosophical questions. Moreover, coming from the point of view of evil protagonist/antagonist Yagami Light--the handsome, most intelligent (but not so intelligent as he is taken over by greed)--18-year-old that wanted a better world by vanquishing all criminals. It took me a horde of anime to reconsider whether the author (Ohba; as Obata is the artist) got ourselves a protagonist 'and' antagonist. Because in the end, no matter how you put it, people will want to be on Team read more
May 9, 2017
'You know, after I stopped playing...I've realized how much I wanted the piano.' - Emy

Much as it pains me, the April Lie could have been 'more'. You will only see memories here, when they were children, and here I thought I could have seen more of the mystery in Kaori's death.

So much for the audience's expectations.

It has nothing to say against the real anime.

The OVA boasts of the characters' 'beginnings'. It was pretty much centered on that setting, without having a solid impact. And I know that yes, just like any anime with a predecessor that wins, it had potential--that didn't reach it.

But read more
May 7, 2017

Let me just say this on the matter:

The artwork is the most beautiful thing in this planet. You will never see anything like it. It has blessed your soul with the very thought that anime could surpass reality--Shinakai looked like he really HAS invaded reality with his art! Have you seen how the rain fell, in its small driblets? Have you seen how the leaf-studded trees touch the pond softly and carefully? Have you seen food in anime--food that'll make you wish you were in Japan? Have you seen a beautiful person? A beautifully sketched one? Everything in the art read more