May 19, 2017
Kristinachia (All reviews)
Hen-tai. HENTAI. Cartoon pornography.

But I'll tell you that this one HAS a story, and it's realistic, and as I've read the other reviews--in a genre filled with rape/toys/'bizarre' fetishes this one is on the right track...with the right ingredients that are just enough not to feel the slightest disgust or guilt.

You want a romantic 'story'? If you are a very hopeless romantic person, congratulations.This one got ya covered!

It's about a main protagonist that is supposed to pick a fiance on the four sisters (they're not really, but childhood friends). But all of them are seemingly obsessed with him and every part of him, and so they flirt with him, see how it goes--and we all know what ends after that.

What I applaud this anime for is its capacity to hold on tightly to its plot line or its slice-of-life theme when things have reached its turning point (*winks*). What's more important (in porn) than sex, right? Well as a woman I think it's important for me not to focus on the heart of the story but the brains in it--what it tells us, and what we'll learn thereafter.

After glancing through some reviews, I do believe that Ane Yome Quartet is one of the rarest and best hentai out there.