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May 3, 2020
Well to be honest this hentai seems good and better than the first one. But for the sex scene the first one is better than this one. the sex scene with ayane senpai was short. Also the last sex scene with the 3 girls was really that short and its kinda disappoint with it. they should take more time making this rather than making it in such a hurry.

the story seems ok and better than the first in my opinion, the art is kinda improved a little i guess. the character and the sound seems ok. did i enjoy? yup lets say I enjoy ...
Nov 26, 2019
Twin MILF (Manga) add
This manga is good manga to read.

The story in this manga is pretty well actually. Even the art are really good to be honest. The character in this manga also made well. Really like the twins character though. I really enjoy reading this manga. The story makes me entertain enough when i got bored. All the sex scene is pretty decent too.

What I like from this manga is the character. Really like the twins especially Nami-san. All the characters has a good model to be honest. Maybe this manga can add a little more chapter or make a sequel. And maybe its really great ...
Nov 5, 2019
Kutsujoku (Anime) add
Preliminary (2/2 eps)
This hentai is pretty good to watch

The story in this hentai seems really good enough to understand. All the characters in episode one are very well enough especially the teacher. The art in this hentai is also good enough in this animation. The sound in this hentai is very good too it makes enjoyable to watch.

The best part for me is when the boy doing H-scene with the teacher cause it has many good scene to watch even though is a short H-scene. But it really makes me enjoy the hentai. Well the bad part for me is some H-scene with the teacher are very ...
Oct 16, 2019
Preliminary (1/1 eps)
This hentai for me is good enough.

The story is quite a bit bad but its still good though. The art in this hentai is good enough to make me enjoy this hentai. The sound from each characters are really good too. the characters are also have a good body proportion. the animations in this hentai are smooth too. The H-scene in this hentai are good enough but maybe they can add more and a bit longer maybe. but anyways the H-scene is good.

To be honest, I like the part when the guy and the girl have H-scene in the love hotel room cause it has ...
Oct 16, 2019
This hentai for me is really good.

The animation in this hentai has a great animation. the animation is also very smooth. the art also really good and it really fits on with the hentai. the sound of each characters are really good too and it makes this hentai really enjoy to watch. All characters in this hentai are absolutely great. All the body proportion in every characters becomes enjoyable to watch. The story for me is already good enough though.

This hentai also has bit long H-scene and that makes it really good too. Even though this hentai only have 2 episodes, the animation ...
Oct 10, 2019
The second sequel of baku ane is really good. but still the first one better than the second one.

the story of this hentai is good enough. the sound from the characters makes this hentai enjoyable to watch. All the characters are really damn good for me. I do really like the this episode but the first baku ane are still better than the second one. But this hentai is really good to watch too.

This hentai also need more episodes and there still missing one scene with one girl in this hentai like they skip one full scene. but this hentai sure have longer H-scene ...
Oct 10, 2019
This hentai for me is really great to be honest.

I really like all the characters in this hentai. the story for me is really good. The art in this hentai is also great. The sound and the animation also makes this hentai even better. What I like from this hentai is the animation on when they doing H-scene. even though is a little short on every position, but for me its great.

This hentai also should have more episodes. I do really wanna see some H-scene with the other sisters. Maybe at least we can get a 2 or 3 episodes of ...
Oct 9, 2019
Preliminary (2/2 eps)
This hentai for me is absolutely great.

The story really progress well. The art in this hentai for me is better and also the animation really smooth its makes really enjoyable to watch. For me the characters is a little bit to sharp or rough. But because of the animations, it makes this hentai really good to watch.

I hope episode 3 of Master Piece The Animation can release soon. Cause I want to know the next scene of this hentai. And I also hope the story gets even better than episode one and two. Maybe we can get more scene with the mom cause i ...
Oct 9, 2019
This Hentai is really good for me.

I really enjoy all the episodes. the character has a great model too. the art and the sounds really makes this hentai enjoyable. The story for me is good enough but on episode 4 is little bit disappointed for me cause one of the girls didn't get to do with the male guy. but anyways all of the animation was really good and it makes really enjoyable to watch.

Maybe this hentai can get at least one more episode of the blonde girl and the male guy. cause I just really wanna see the male guy with the blonde girl.