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Mar 16, 2014
Anime is and always has been, a great story telling medium. Since its conception it has been defined by a list of exceptional names. Perhaps the most influential of these names, is that of Tankuu Danzato Skelter Heaven.

Some would argue that anime was still merely a lost sheep before that fateful day of December the 8th 2004. But on that day, what critics and anime fans alike were met with was a wondrous spectacle of both creativity and entertainment that has never before been witnessed. Writing a review with mere words imagined by mammals such as ourselves will never do this anime justice, but read more
Mar 11, 2014
I’m fairly confident this review is going to get near as damn 0% helpful marks simply because of my ratings. If anyone feels what I said wasn’t helpful in this review, drop me a message, if you disagree with something I said, drop me a message, thanks.

Story – 3
Oh dear…

Firstly, I think it is a bit of a cheat essentially splitting fate zero into two separate series, so that all the good bits can be condensed into ‘one’ of those series. Nonetheless, I will still assess this as a single series, in terms of setting the stage for the second season.

Fate Zero read more
Mar 9, 2014
Story- 7/
Decent set up and great development, suffers from poor writing.

This anime has a decent enough set up, as outlined in the synopsis. The mysterious atmosphere is both created and well maintained through a series of developments in the story. Even if some of these ‘developments’ are fairly weak, your interest as a viewer is well maintained. What was great about Shinsekai was that you always felt that the story was advancing, even if you weren’t sure what to. A great success for this genre. The conclusion thus felt very smooth and conclusive.

The story does however jump around a tad too read more
Jan 3, 2014

Lelouch- ‘’To defeat evil, I shall become an even greater evil!’’

I will say at this point. Code Geass does what it says on the tin. It is over the top, plot twists are incomprehensible and cliché themes are used throughout. Watching Code Geass and complaining about the lack of beauty or realism makes as much sense as buying a solar powered flashlight. Code Geass is there for the entertainment, so bear that in mind… Now to the review.

Code Geass certainly knows how to carry out such a grand and theatrical story. The overall conflict takes place on planet earth as we know it, with read more
Dec 23, 2013

Gasai Yuno: Don't you know? I really, really, really love you to death, Yukkii.

Although it takes a while to unravel, the romance in Mirai Nikki ends up being very poignant. Up until the last few episodes, the real story of Gasai Yuno remains somewhat of a mystery. Although this method of using hidden information will keep you curious as to what’s going on, the romance will unfortunately come across as very childish and forced. This very difficult to care about (and very much one sided) ‘love’ continues for the majority of the anime until finally, the secret of Yuno is revealed. When this happens, all read more
Dec 20, 2013
Story- 9/10

Puppet Master: ‘’And can you offer me proof of your existence? How can you, when neither modern science nor philosophy can explain what life is?’’

The story and themes present in Ghost in the Shell (GitS) are both striking and very relevant. GitS takes place in a more than possible future world where cybernetics and AI have become a social norm. The amazing detail given to the universe and the true to life reflection of today’s society makes the themes in question incredibly applicable. The different opinions in GitS are argued with a certain potency and precision. The maturity and skill of the characters in read more
Dec 19, 2013
Story- 9/10

Shima: "Love is like a firework from the past… it’s more beautiful for it to go to pieces and scatter far off.”

The story of Clannad After Story (CAS) manages to refine and mature it’s emotional impact from its prequel, ‘Clannad’. The show basically starts off by continuing the same principles of Clannad; it just gives those last few characters their deserved individual attention. These story arcs carry a whole lot more impact than before because they just simple had more effect on the characters themselves. After a few episodes however, we start to see the characters grow up, so it is understandable that read more
Dec 19, 2013
Clannad (Anime) add (All reviews)
Story- 8/10

Okazaki: "We start to climb up... the long... long uphill climb"

The story of Clannad had a real charm to it. With Clannad being an adaptation of a visual novel, (where the sole objective was to romance the different female characters), it is natural that Okazaki Tomoya (the main character) was going to be assaulted by a bunch of easily romanced young women. As forced as this sounds on paper, every story arc flowed with a natural and genuine quality. In each story arc, we were able to see each and every angle of the character in question. They would normally be introduced with a read more
Dec 18, 2013
“This world is rotten. The rotten should die.”

Story- 9/10
Death note has a very well written story. The two masterminds, Light Yagami and ‘L’ have realistic and intelligent conflicts, through testing each other’s resolve and pulling poker faces so straight I could hear Lady Gaga in the background. In crime genres, it is common for a ‘genius’ police officer to pick up some evidence and go, ‘hmmm, this gun has been scratched here. Therefore the suspect is male, 28 and lives in America!’ On the whole, this line of realism was never crossed and any plot holes in a particular method were quickly resolved. This read more
Dec 16, 2013
Attack on titan

Story- The story follows humanity’s struggle of survival as it hides behind the safety of 50 metre high walls that has protected them from anthropoid beings known as titans for over 100 years. These titans are mysterious in origin and are massive in size. Their only goal is to kill humanity for seemingly no reason. After 100 years of peace, a breach in the outer of the 3 walls caused by a mysterious, previously unseen 60 metre tall titan pushes humanity to a desperate situation.

We thus follow the story of 3 teenagers, Eren, Armin and Mikasa and how they fit into this read more