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Dec 14, 2010
Gekkou (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
Gekkoh deals with the story of a boy trying to figure out how to deal with his role as the son of a yakuza boss while helping his new-found sister uncover the story of her past. His other problem is the constant struggle with his own consciousness for being sexually attracted to his half-sibling, who tempts him at every opportunity.

At first, Gekkoh does not reveal anything that feels remotely engaging. The story seems cookie-cutter, the characters are flat and the pacing uneven. However, once you skip past the middle (around volume 5), things start looking for the better as more of the story is revealed ...
Nov 24, 2009
unCassandra (Manga) add
I had high expectations of this manga as a lot of people recommended it to me as a fun shounen which tries to do things a bit differently than typical manga of this genre. Turns out Ann Cassandra matches this description exactly, alas, with a few things missing here and there.

The story unfolds at a suitable pace as the reader gets acquainted with the main characters and setting in a collection of lively and interesting introduction scenes. The premise seems quite fresh and you get curious as to whats going to happen next.

Both of the main characters are fleshed out and strive to be ...
Nov 19, 2009
Fetish (Manga) add
Fetish is a collection of eerie narratives each dealing with a different subject matter but you are left with the impression that there is an elusive connection between them due to the subtle but dense atmosphere created by these stories and linking them together.

The opening story sets the tone for the whole volume and what seems to be a fairly light read, despite being odd and at times mysterious, deceivingly creeps up on the reader. About half-way through the volume I started to really enjoy the narrative and really think about the theme and meaning behind each story. They are all different lengths and the ...
Jul 22, 2009
Dont be fooled by how average and generic the summary of the manga makes it sound. At first, Monster Collection may seem like standard action fantasy manga with a dash of ecchiness and comedy. However, as we progress through the narrative, each of these elements is combined in a very skillful way by the authors (Itoh and Yasuda) in order to create a very entertaining and enchanting tale.

Story wise, dont expect a deep and involving storyline in this manga. Its quite a straight, point A to point B ride and serves mainly as a framework for the character interactions. The narrative flows fast and easy ...
Jun 5, 2009
My Name is Zushio is primarily a comedy manga. Dont expect to read this for a great plot, deep character development or heart-throbbing romance. Despite lacking these elements, it certanily delivers on the comedy aspect.

The main plot is pretty straight-forward and linear and is mainly used to keep the action going. While trying to regain his kingdom back, prince Zushio meets a lot of characters that help him in his struggle as well as enemies that will try to stop him. Sounds pretty simple but its the way this is presented that matters.

This manga has a lot of laugh out loud and "holy sh**!" moments. ...
Jun 4, 2009
Tokkou (Manga) add
Preliminary (10/11 chp)
Tokko is an action/horror/seinen manga that combines familiar elements in a stylish visual package. The story takes place in Tokyo where the undead have found a way to escape into our world through special "gates". All hope to prevent the end of the world rests on a group of characters (hunters) who have survived the violent attacks by forming a symbiosis with the undead residing in their bodies. This all sounds like its been done before but the way Tokko presents these events distinguishes it from similar manga out there.

The initial volumes set a great premise and the story smoothly unfolds as you get to ...
Jun 1, 2009
Zippy Ziggy (Manga) add
Preliminary (12/86 chp)
Intro: despite the fact that is still being published (11th volume at the moment) and there have been only 13 chapters scanlated by ryColaa, I think it deserves the attention. Also, the only review available here is in German?

The story follows two main leads, Shinghi Ghang and Sung-Hae as their rivalry (and potentially romance) heats up when they find out about the fake personalities each one has created to fool the people around them. Determined to eliminate any chances of being exposed to their fellow classmates, each of them tries to come up with ways of getting rid of the opponent.

The narrative is conveyed through ...
May 28, 2009
Banya is a fast paced mature shounen manhwa where odd characters and violent action are put together in a stylish way. The author has created a distinct world with its own conflicts, heroes and adventures.

Banya follows a protagonist of the same name who works as a delivery man in the Gaya Desert Post Office. Together with his friends, he goes on various missions and always delivers the package. No matter what challenges lie ahead of him.

The first couple of volumes concentrate on different assignment that Banya undertakes. Beuatiful art, plenty of carnage and interesting monster designs immediately suck the reader into the ...

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