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Oct 2, 2020
Magico (Manga) add (All reviews)
The manga is a prime example on how to kill your own show in a wimp.

I think everyone who wants to write a story be it a novel/webtoon/manga etc. should read this manga just to not make the same mistakes.

It's such a prime example how you can get from a well selling manga down to "no one cares about it"
even if you're featured in one of the most popular magazines of that type.

The manga is even if you do hate shounen trophes, - funny
and never so annoying that you couldn't read it anymore at least for the first 30 chapters.

It does start off as a read more
Sep 30, 2020
This one of the few mangas where the journey is actually the best part while the ending(besides the the epilogue) is also alright.

The story is nothing new at all it has been done countless times
the difference is that it is actually enjoyable at all times,
because there is no love triangle/harem story in it which does plague the genre with ghosts in it.

You don't have 5-30 wasted chapters just to indroduce another love interest.
The art does have it's issues too, it's rather obvious that the mangaka wasn't able to get chapters done till the deadline
and because of that there are a lot of chapters read more
Sep 28, 2020
The manga could've been really interresting, - the first few chapters will certainly catch you. It's sadly just another generic harem later on.

It does actually start strong and has some sukasuka vibes in it. After around chapter 15 it gets worse and worse with every chapter.

It's so bad that at some point they even make a cringy bottom shoujo collar/leash arc with an chloroform abduction
where the ML is treated like a pet, - and got on top of it nearly killed by the FL's maid.
Both The ML and FL are completly alright with it even if it doesn't make any sense for their characters.

The read more
Sep 18, 2020
If you intend to watch this show you really need to have a high resistance against bad cgi.
The cgi is in fact so bad that is on par with Berserk 2016 and Overlord season III.
The issue is that in this show everything is done via cgi and at the same time soooo badly done it's hard to endure.

The facial motion of the characters, the animations while fighting/talking or just walking/running, - everything is at a niveau ~15 years ago.

The Dragon/Cyclops animation reminds me in fact of ps2 prerendered cutscenes with 5-10 fps.
The only good cgi part are the skeletons, dunno why but read more
Sep 13, 2020
The show is a complete mess without any pathing or story at all, the only thing
good about it is the drawing of character in the main/front view.

It really tries to make you feel sad for the characters but the issue is that they overdo it.

Every single "pretended" to be sad scene is so badly done that it's you'll most of the time just laugh
about the poor story writing/execution and the wrong choice of music.

It is like watching a B or C movie which didn't intend to be funny but is because of how badly it is done.

It is just a random montage of scenes without read more
Sep 3, 2020
I took a liking on this show since the very beginning. The art style was kinda unique and I realy liked the character design.

The issue was that this work was stated as a romantic tragedy before serialization. I just prefer to don't read those until they're completed.

So I bootmarked it but didn't read it after until now which is around 3 years later.

A few days ago I went through all the old anime/manga I was interrested in and stumbled on this on. It is completly different from the pre serialization one.

It's no longer a tragedy, the female lead is not a vampire anymore and the read more
Aug 18, 2019
I have to mention that I only watched this aime until s3 ep5. So the review is until that point where I just could stand it anymore and dropped it. I'll prevent spoilers.

It is kinda a wet dream of every SJW fantasy. A male MC which is leashed, wipped and put into chains while still in love with Main Girl.

For season 1 you really need to endure ep2...I think that's the point where most ppl just did drop it.

And tbh it doesn't get better from this point onward. The same jokes are recycled like 1-3 time per episode. The Male MC looks at a read more
Aug 7, 2019
The best way to describe this Manga is average. Everything about it is nothing special and especially the pathing is so slow and repetetive that you will get annoyed at some point. The Manga infact gave me flashbacks to one of the worst mangas ever written called "school rumble".

If you in there for the comedy you'll get disapointed. I think I only chuckled 2-3 times trough the manga and that was not because of the MC's but because of class reps Yayoi fantasies. The author did try hard to make jokes about the love triangle/harem genre which where funny for the first time but certainly read more
Jul 28, 2019
The funny (or interresting) thing about this manwa is that you can just replace the word "vampire" with "black", "asian", "caucasian", "gay", "muslim", "catholic", "jewish" or any other kind of minority in the place where you live and it still does makes sense. The author didn't intent that kind of thing but sadly it does work.

It's a boring read most of the time especially the first 30 chapters could be tuned down in ~3-5 chapters, because everything just repeats again and again. If this was cut down to a ~ 40-50 chapter manwa it would certainly be for the better.

The main characters are both nothing read more
Feb 22, 2019
This is just a fair warning for anyone who want to read this LN it will get into a full harem from 0 to 100 in a single volume at vol 10 which goes on for another 17 volumes.(27 volumes of lightnovels total atm)

It does have themes like incest, heavy female abuse on males and blunt xenophobia in it.

It was an okaaayish read until vol 10 where it suddenly went into a whole other direction. You can also ignore my chapters read, because I certainly will not took out the LN's and count them.

If the writer had a discussion with his editor and stuff(which I read more