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Sep 25, 2011
Hanasaku Iroha is a show that does nothing original and does everything fairly well.

A phenomenal first episode was the basis of a lot of hype, and many people were disappointed when Hanasaku Iroha made it clear it intended to be a slice of life that interspersed drama and comedy rather than anything ambitious.

That is an important note to make- Hanasaku Iroha is not ambitious. You have probably met characters extremely similar to Nako and Minchi before. However, the art is some of the best around, and Hanasaku Iroha succeeds in feeling more grounded in reality than many of its contemporaries.

The ...
Sep 8, 2011
Nitaboh (Anime) add

Nitaboh is not an anime that will appeal to a general audience. Its fanbase is, indeed, about as narrow as that of the Shamisen music the film revolves around.

Casting itself as a biopic, Nitaboh could have chosen to focus entirely on the life of Nitaroh and his attempts to play the Shamisen, and indeed it tells that story as well as a movie could, but the film does not confine itself to the theme of blind musicians.

Set in a time of great social change for Japan, in a rural area where that change is slow to take ...
Jul 22, 2011

It is a shame the decision was made to split the first 26 episodes of Maria-sama ga Miteru into two separate installments, because it is in the second season that Marimite really finds its stride.

Although the second season is a bit late to be making the realization, it must be said that it was not until this arc that I properly realized Marimite for what it is, or rather, what it wasn't; This is not a yuri anime. The story here is one of intense and lasting friendships, although it draws upon an old idea in Japanese culture; class S ...
Jul 13, 2011
Mixed Feelings
The Old Crocodile feels like an anime version of one of Aesop's fables. However, as the credits rolled, I was struggling to sort out what the moral was supposed to be.

The English voicing is excellent, and Peter Barakan's voice brings to mind narration of Madeline or Curious George from my childhood. This anime short would stand in good stead in that company, with a very similar tone and feel. One is left with the vague idea that they are watching children's PBS broadcasting.

The characters are strange, and as I initially wondered why anyone would create this, as it clearly seems aimed ...
Jul 6, 2011
Mixed Feelings
I began Maria-sama ga Miteru with only Strawberry Panic! as my previous yuri experience.

Compared to Strawberry Panic!, the characters are better fleshed out, there is no pandering, and it isn't a cheesy melodrama. But I found myself preferring Strawberry Panic!, an anime I did not especially love. I was so confused by this, I had to make a review to search for a reason why.

The characters are the strongest point of the show, followed by the plot. Both feel especially real, and there is bound to be a character or two you like. For me, that was Yoshino, a ...
Jun 28, 2011
Mixed Feelings
Magical Nyan Nyan Taruto is a cute show. Cute is its raison d'être, and viewers should be warned to expect a kid's show with no real tension or storytelling merit. It is classic stuff- a secret princess, magic, and animals that can understand each other but not be understood by humans.

However, I've ended up watching it three times through by now. It's entertaining and cute fluff. As an entire genre has built up around adults watching cuteness for its own sake in the anime industry since Taruto was introduced, it may be worth considering for viewing by adults as well as children.

Jun 28, 2011
Saraiya Goyou (Anime) add
Saraiya Goyou is a very sedate work that received less attention than the noitaminA time slot generally receives, and was something of a critical failure for this reason. Some people were put off by Saraiya Goyou, and more ignored it entirely.

A year after it's airing, the show deserves another look.

Story: 9
Sairaya Goyou's story is understated and slow paced, with little of the action that might be expected from a period samurai drama. Much is expressed through silence, and scenes unfold lazily, interspersed with brief segments of tension. The primary focus is on the mysterious Yaichi and his criminal associates, and ...

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