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wen294 5 hours ago
Yeah stella is extremely powerful, but it does kill himself. He certainly has his uses, especially for daily farming.
In grand battles he's only valuable if you can boost his damage enough to make it notable.
36000 dmg isn't gonna be a big stone against enemies with 600,000 hp.
TiamatNM 7 hours ago
no idea


been waiting for that for years. I got it
wen294 9 hours ago
You can only get rare prisms from servants.

Meaning there isn't much point in burning 5* CE. Might as well work on a second MLBed version of it.
wen294 12 hours ago
Ehm, geronimo is a caster.
Formal craft is a pretty good CE though. So all in all pretty good for 10 tics.
TiamatNM Yesterday, 10:07 PM
Are you interested in playing Azur Lane? It's probably getting a release date very soon
wen294 Jul 13, 12:40 AM
That is indeed some impressive luck.
I'm saving some SQ for summer event.
I'll be rolling ~ 340 SQ or something. Hope i'll get even remotely as lucky as you then xD

Personally i've never played a single star ocean game so i can't say i'm too interested in a mobile game of it since i don't know any of the characters.
vinroy11 Jul 12, 5:45 PM
This time of year is so eventual, amiright?
Hanako_San1992 Jul 11, 2:07 AM
Alright. XD
vinroy11 Jul 10, 10:54 PM
Uh, all I'm doing really is working and doing classwork. Just another boring summer for me. How about on your part? Anything new and fun?
TiamatNM Jul 10, 10:10 PM
lol nice. maybe I'll get swimsuit tamamo soon though
Hanako_San1992 Jul 10, 6:00 PM
If want ask go ahead, i won't bite. XD
I know.. even if taking care of my self can be pain sometimes.
The_Pyromaani Jul 10, 3:07 PM
Dankee! :D
wen294 Jul 10, 11:33 AM
You're pretty stocked when it comes to casters now huh.

If i were you i'd have waited a bit (week or so) and whale for the summer event instead.

Still the amount of 5* servants you got for the amount of SQ you put in is pretty good.
Hanako_San1992 Jul 10, 12:08 AM
Yeah and my day got even little better.
My Father came by for surprise visit and stayed for few hours.
I had not got to visit him in Hyogo for almost two months since all what happen and been happening.
He known I was in the US for almost month then shortly after I came back to Japan and settled back into life all the natural disasters started happening.
He took it on himself to come visit me.
Hanako_San1992 Jul 9, 3:46 PM
I try taking it easy but that's more easy said then done.
Try to but have always been stubborn, my Husband always getting onto me about something. XD
I know he means wells when he scolds me for something however.
Damn my Japanese brain, Everytime i see "sake" i think of Japanese sake but know that word is not being used that way. lol
Like person can say "For f**k sake" and first thing my brain thinks is...
Why would person f**k good sake? XD