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Feb 3, 2013
An anime about multiple Virtual Reality MMO's. Here are some thoughts about Sword Art Online. I reference the description so there are not really any spoilers.

If you aren't interested in my wordy review, there's a breakdown below.

It's a Philosophical and psychological delve into other virtual worlds. "Diving" as it's called in the series. A very interesting experience that plays upon advanced Virtual Reality, but not so advanced that it couldn't theoretically be done in the future. So what happens when people get trapped in the Virtual Reality and death in the game is equivlient of dying in life?

You get some intense half-hour episodes, thats read more
Jun 10, 2011
One of the first comments said to me as i showed this show to a friend, "Its like a cool grownup version of Digimon." I laughed because of some similarities I even showed it to another friend of mine who still enjoys Digimon, and he loved it, but its far more than that.

C makes you think. What is future? What defines the present?
Its about time, and money, its about relationships, and potentially love (i not really sure, it hasn't gotten there just yet) But its also about cause and effects, The smallest action can have a catastrophic change in the future.

Its deep, well at read more
Oct 24, 2010
Biased opinions aside.(as this is my favorite manga/anime series)

I would like to say that I lent my friends this manga, and they don't read anything 18+ because of their own personal choosing.
I was still able to convince them to read the First volume as long as i stickynoted/censored all of the Mild Nudity, or anything that was in the least bit suggestive.

So i did, and after 10 minutes of "censoring" the first volume, and about 3 seconds of "censoring" the second. They decided to read it.

After reading the first novel they almost didn't want to read the second, I convinced them otherwise, and they both read more
Sep 27, 2010
Speaking from episode 16, i felt that this anime needed another perspective.

What I Like:
I like the entire "Partner" ideal, and how the characters develop as the story goes along. It is similar to other anime such as Shakugan no Shana, Fate Stay Night, and Pandora Hearts, but it has own originality, suspense, fighting, and story.
What i dislike:
It has some overused anime cliche's when dealing with the romance, and the "Weak guy" + "Awesome girl" setup similar to the anime i listed above.(I wouldn't mind the character setup as much, as long as the weak guy learns to fight as read more
Apr 20, 2010
This anime was absurdly amazing... I can't tell you how many times i laughed out loud while watching this...

The focus of this anime is to make you laugh... it takes a leap into the fantasy elements, and because of this, its somewhat unrealistic, but insanely funny. The character's are unique, and consistent. It is defiantly a romantic comedy... with very much focus on the comedy.

I can't rate this anime according to Story, Art, etc...the entire focus was on the humor... the art, music, humor,sound effects etc.

They were all build around making people laugh. I could say the story had a 9... or the art was read more