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Aug 16, 2015
Summary: I'm a huge fan of Psycho-Pass as a franchise, and believe that it embodies what it means to be a great anime. So it comes as no surprise that I not only watched this movie, but also enjoyed it quite a bit. However, I also strongly believe that Psycho-Pass' strength lies in not its beautiful art nor its amazing soundtracks (both of which are fantastic), but rather on its philosophical explorations and thoughtful plot/character development. As a result, even though I did greatly enjoy this movie, as a fan and honest critic I have to give it a less-than-stellar rating. Now in more depth:

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May 9, 2015
I thoroughly enjoyed Rakuen Tsuihou, as well as Gen Urobuchi's other works, namely Psycho-Pass, Madoka, and Gargantia.

As an introductory aside, I want to start by strongly disagreeing with people who highlight Urobuchi's tendency to kill off character ("the Urobutcher") or his aptitude for plot twists as his main appeal. They are not. What draws me -- and I believe many other viewers -- to Urobuchi's works is their philosophical undercurrents; everything in his films and shows touch upon some aspect of society, humanity, or morality, and the story is often a sidekick (although an exciting one). For example, Psycho-Pass is focused on the impact on read more