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Jul 31, 2013
Well I've never read the manga, and at first look this series just seemed like another harem story. Of course not to judge a book by its cover and delved deeper.
The series gets a straight 7 across the board. It wasn't perfect and it certainly had it's down sides but the artwork was decent, similar to what is normally seen in anime and has plenty of fan service.
The music was fitting to the series, very lovey dovey in the beginning sequence then turns to a sensual feel for the ending.The story is somewhat unique but barely since the series does deal with the traditional monsters read more
May 23, 2013
Gosick (Anime) add (All reviews)
This is one of the few anime that I personally have approved of and given a score of all 10's across the board.

This series itself presents a lot of elements that just added up to the masterpiece that is Gosick. Despite not understanding the title, the whole series was a rejuvenation of the traditional mystery genre mixed with dark secrets of its own.

Story gets a 10 out of 10. It starts out as a regular story with the main protagonist in a situation that he himself either cannot control or has done something that will start the process of the entire story. Now this read more
Apr 23, 2013
First time making reviews for an anime series that is by far one of my least favorite anime but still fascinating enough to discuss to the fullest and watch the OVAs.

The story itself just made its parent series look gruesome (which is was) since this OVA was adding to the comical effect. The fact it starts out in a hotsprings and the boys (one who is a rapist and the other a pimp) are just simply stupid idiots in this one and goes as far as to make them funny and makes the audience feel sorry for Makoto (for the first time) since it is read more
Apr 23, 2013
To start off- unlike it's parent series, this OVA was indeed meant to punk the audience in an April Fools frenzies. I would say it takes place somewhere inside the actual series before crap actually went down. Reason- it still shows how happy Makoto and Kotonoha are and a still jealous Sekai. Also on comparing it to its parent series- it does keep the bit of blood and gore and minor nudity and perversion.

Now- unlike the fellow series it has it's own twist that makes the series go into the state of most anime series- all the same characters....but all (for the most part) happy read more
Apr 23, 2013
Ok- while I don't want to rage like so many, I've read the manga and will compare and contrast the two while giving an hon est opinion. First of all- I will only recommend this anime to those who will watch to the very end no matter what. If you don't mind blood and gore, or the psychopathic logic and melodrama and the scary fact that it is a slice of life hence this could happen and has happened to real life people then watch- if not- then this anime is not for you.

1.The story and characters- the two were nothing special. The title itself read more
Apr 23, 2013
The first thing I can say is that the manga did better than the anime...for a few reasons. The manga presented Makoto with trying to do the right thing while the anime made him into a major twat. The girls all remain stupid while Kotonoha was as innocent yet bat crazy as could be. Sekai was still no better.

Story plot/ character development: The story in compare and contrast to its anime counterpart.....still made me want to flip chairs and tables. The fact that only this time it was all Sekai's seducing's fault and the misunderstandings of the side friends. Although Makoto did try to see read more
Apr 16, 2013
Overall I will say this manga gets a 7. My enjoyment of it- a 9.
For a yaoi, BL, manga the story was fair and it gave time for some development, it did show some span of time or implied it for the characters to actually get to know each other than the traditional one-shot.
The artwork was a bit choppy, but gave good details. Darker in tones and even for a soft core yaoi, it was well drawn.
The characters, again were made out well, had the conflict presented and even a back story that supported the main story. The main character's love for each other is read more
Apr 6, 2013
Overall a decent sized anime, it had elements unique to it, while most of it ranged from what we've already seen. The name is an obvious hint to what the story is about, and it can also be misleading. It does present a lot of "love triangles" and unlike the manga (obviously) it leaves a few plot holes. Overall gets a 7 from me. (not that I didn't like it.)
The story a 7- cause while it does resemble a lot of harem, multi-girl to one guy anime, it is entertaining. The anime could have been extended to make the ending less choppy and more- smoothly read more
Apr 4, 2013
While I've watched and re-watched the series, I've not been able to fully capture how I wanted to make this review. This series in a nut-shell is a a psychologically mystery covered in gore and sexual appeal, sprinkled with comedy.
The manga and anime are roughly the same with minor differences and characters present in the manga and not the anime. A few plot holes exist but fairly simple to follow.
The anime has an interesting view on a lot of things that most anime wouldn't even touch- such as the viewing of humanity and its cruelties to anything different or abnormal, and again the sexual read more
Dec 30, 2012
Ok- first off the series itself shows absolute comedy. The plot is almost drowned out by what the main character is doing and his ignorance to the actual mission at hand.
This series, like a few others, show the otaku male delving deeper into obsession and somehow obtaining skills that are useful when put into the right way but seem utterly useless and creepy during other times. The female protagonist that plays an equally important role to keep the gamer otaku in check this time is merely a bumbler who either also ignores her duties or can't seem to find a common ground with her read more