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Sep 21, 2020
Preliminary (11/12 eps)
This is an otherwise good anime. I don't get why it doesn't get a higher score. Or maybe it's because a lot of people have difficulty self-inserting as a strong, powerful, "winning-at-life" character.

The plot is straight-forward enough:

Male lead wins a fighting tourney, now every other species who saw him progress would want to have his child. And this is despite him being betrothed to the guild master's daughter who's basically a warrior nun.

So he tries to keep from her the secret that he's been forced to plant his seed into 4 other women. Thankfully, said women understand his plight, but still; they have legitimate reasons ...
Jun 27, 2015
This review will also cover the concurring Season 4 of TeeKyuu.

I start finding things out about the TQ series and it's spin-offs; being done in a minimalized fashion with a small staff yet resulting in episodes that only go for around 2 minutes. (I'm thinking about how SHAFT does it but they don't like doing things "normally." So yeah.)

The shows are obvious:

TQ4 continues to be random, random, and random; tennis is maybe mentioned in one episode but this show's not about tennis anymore. It's mainly about Yuri, Kanae, Nasuno, and Marimo being themselves and comically playing off of each other.

Nasuno's spin-off is mainly about Youta, ...
Jun 27, 2015
Etotama (Anime) add
Getting this out of the way:

Treatment of shounen lead. = 6 (out of 10)
Upskirt panty shots. = 0

I guess in the end, a show that aims to actually be "good" doesn't have to rely on a small dose of sexualization. (Because unfortunately, animu with upskirt panty shots tend to go too far and would evidently become a major turn-off.)

That being said: Etotama's a pretty fun anime. The characters herein aren't too predictable and trope-based. If they are trope-based, then there were efforts to break said tropes and have them become more solid characters. "Efforts," mind you.

And while the amount of cartoony violence (outside of the ...
Mar 30, 2015
Mixed Feelings
It must be great for Japan to have this incredible power to rewrite its own history; to tell its kids that "the Japanese were just minding their own collective business when America just came in, killed hundreds of thousands of people, and gave them two holes in their ground." Japan's brainwashing power at its greatest.

But check the Wikipedia, and every non-Japanese history book, mind you... And there are stories about the bloody inter-Asian conflicts (even before WWII); the non-aggression pacts with Jew-murdering Nazi Germany and Italy; fake states like Manchuria; slaughter; cannibalism; and the Imperial Japan's eventual downfall because of the ticking off of ...
Mar 30, 2015
Absolute Duo (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
I started watching the show and expecting it to be the Wapanese Animu Industry's attempt at being as cool as Marvel (since the Avengers sequel is coming out). What I've gotten is more of the same. Notably in these few places:

* Tooru; the shounen lead who, despite his powers, still doesn't know how to handle women. "Captain (America combined with) Thor?" Really?

* Basically, nobody in Wapan likes America; as shown with the enemy of the show who goes by the name of "K."

I'll admit that this animu wasn't as brutal towards Tooru as, say, Trinity Seven was towards it's shounen lead. It's still depressing to ...
Feb 11, 2015
Preliminary (10/13 eps)
I gave this anime high marks for featuring a shounen lead who actually isn't either the run-of-the-mill spineless shounen lead or a complete Gary Stu with no personality. I actually found out that he's another one of those" most interesting boys in the world" with additional Black Ops training.

It turns out that the lot of the female characters, who star in this anime with him, are just as abnormal.

* Amane, the "big sis" who has the hots for Yuuji.
* Michiru, the self-proclaimed "tsundere" and schizophrene.
* Yumiko, the Senjougahara wannabe (alias "Imitation Crab") and thankfully Yuuji was able to stop her crap...
* Makina, creepy "chuuni" and ...
Jan 6, 2015
Mixed Feelings
And people were saying Danna Nani was Prime Minister Abe's propaganda effort to have NEETs and otaku go out in the world and reproduce. Kokkuri-san looks like Abe's effort to have the same set of NEETs and otaku take care of children.

The question needs to be asked: Where is Kohina's parents and why is she all alone in this world. If traditional Japanese folklore are trying to raise her, then something is DEFINITELY wrong with this culture if this is true.

The show's pretty good; some of the characters turning into mascot dolls threw me off guard, though. It's nice to see Daisuke Ono come a ...
Dec 25, 2014
This series asks the question: Can an anime otaku and an office lady find happiness in something as annoying as a "marriage?"

Well; depending on how a person views marriage, mileages may vary. But I can think of only a few people in the world who can make it as entertaining as Yukari Tamura (Nanoha "White Devil" Takamichi, When They Cry's Rika) and Kenichi Suzumura (Seed Destiny's Shinn Asuka, Tsukihime's Shiki Touno).

Althought I think the show had been killed by Youta, Hajime's little brother. This "little boy wanting to be a little girl" just took that show over and "spanked it until it became useless." (I ...
Sep 21, 2014
I seen the loli, I seen the male lead suffering; and I avoided it like the plague because "Wapanese Animu Industry." Later on, I've been hearing about how "No Game No Life" is hated and how it's an actually "good" anime. So I figured I'd blow through this and see what it's all about. (Atleast I get panty shots.)

I'll say that NGNL is:

* in terms of animation; a less whimsical "Sunday Without God."
* in terms of plot and story; a combo of "Problem Children..." (without characters being mega-overpowered) and "Welcome To NHK" (without the focus on how hit-too-close-to-home horrible being a NEET is).
* in terms ...
Jun 29, 2014
In my last review of the parent anime "Godless Sunday;" I called it "whimsical as hell." This "special" beats you to death with whimsical, sends you to the coroner and tags your toe "whimsical," drives you in a VW hearse to your funeral "whimsical," and then whimsically buries you.

* The hot springs part features NO stupid physical harem animu gags whatsoever.
* Part two features Alice as he meets Humpty Hump...
* Part three features Humpty Hump before he met Hana...

This show is hot springs and then some flashbacks. It's mainly "scenery porn."

Viewers wanting ACTION, comedy, and sight gags to make their own pain go away ...

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