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Sep 18, 2023
This feels like a story written by someone who watched Bunny Girl Senpai or another show about introspection on the teenage experience, and went "I want to write something like that" ...except they had nothing to say and no ability to tell it well. From beginning to end this show is a miserable slog, with characters barely alive enough to have a pulse, miserably bland situational writing, and dialogue so bad that I began to wonder when the last time was the author has left his house and spoken to another living human. On top of that the designs are incredibly forgettable, the animation is ...
Jul 6, 2023
Love Stage!! (Anime) add
In the modern revolution of unambiguously good BL such as Yuri on Ice, Sk8, and the Banana Fish adaptation, Love Stage can certainly feel a little dated. Love first consummated (or at least attempted) via force is a trope largely left in the past but is still present in Love Stage. Romance with ultra famous celebrities is extremely common in the genre, and to modern gay people the waffling over "how could I like boys/boys other than my one true love are no good!" can feel a little tired. That being said, despite all of these potential slights, Love Stage has an oddly infectious energy ...
Jun 26, 2023
This show was described to me as "an unaware child cassanova tells the main girl every romantic line that a tired adult woman viewer would want to hear after a long day". And it's true. It's me, I am the tired adult woman watching this show to absorb its innocent charm as I recover from daily life.

My Clueless First Friend is simple: Takada loves Nishimura; excitedly, wholly, and enthusiastically. He loves her so much that he absolutely cannot process anything less than perfection about her, so any bullying, self doubt, or otherwise negative thoughts are turned on their head into positives. And this is good, ...
Jun 25, 2023
How do you turn the world's most boring sport played mainly by middle aged men into an interesting anime? Season one seemed to have figured it out, struggled with some pacing and budget issues, and then completely threw out the winning pieces in season two.

As an initial fan of Birdie Wing season one when it aired and before it gained mass appeal, I absolutely despise season two. The show initially gained attention by bombastic, adrenaline fueled situation writing that seemed to involve taking psychedelics, shonen anime, and campy lesbianism and throwing it all in a blender and painting with the resulting slurry. And it worked! ...
Jun 25, 2023
I once read "if you want to find a good anime/manga, find one with ugly art. That means the story was good enough to be published in spite of it." However Rokudo is another show proving that wrong, with a story, characters, and animation quality as poor as its art.

Fundamentally Rokudo begins with a problem. The premise is that our titular lead gains an ability to make delinquent or otherwise "bad" girls fall in love with him. It's explicitly shown early on that this is just hypnosis and the girls have no control in the matter. Rokudo hates violence, and the plot of the show ...
Apr 24, 2023
Mixed Feelings
Akebi's Sailor Uniform? More like Akebi is a Sexual Awakening for an Entire Class, the anime.

Akebi is a mix of popular slice of life moe tropes done well individually, all smashed together and shoved into one character. Individually, each episode is fine and the characters are cute enough, but when viewed as one whole narrative it becomes a story about how Akebi is just the coolest and smartest and prettiest and nicest and...etcetera. Every character has to come to love and adore Akebi, whether they were interested to begin with or actively disliked her. Anything Akebi does has to be endearing and personally healing to ...
Apr 24, 2023
The issue isn't that MagiRevo isn't good. It's VERY good. The problem is it doesn't give us enough time in its world.

MagiRevo is set in a typical fantasy setting, but what stands out are its characters. While they do fall into archetypes, they play their roles very charmingly and are addictive to watch. The show also smartly remains a relative slow burn for the first arc so we can marinate with the characters and to show the slow journey of healing and acceptance. But then the show speeds up, and it feels like the one season should have been at least two, maybe three, with ...
Apr 23, 2023
Came for the trash, stayed for the surprisingly well executed story of transition and personal growth. Onimai is a masterclass in how to tell a trans joke.

MILD SPOILERS, but not beyond what the final episode conflict and resolution are.

Based on previews, art style, and other factors I assumed Onimai was going to be kinda trashy but fun, and I hoped it would succeed in having the edge without getting uncomfortable. Genderswap anime are common enough to be a subgenre and I wasn't expecting anything subversive. Episode one began and I was met with the lewd humor I expected, but along with it, I instantly recognized ...
Oct 14, 2022
Summertime Rendering is one of those high energy, fast paced thrillers that only come along once every now and then and are very difficult to replicate.

The setting is simple, but efficient, using the existing concepts of doppelgangers/shadow people/skinwalkers and an isolated location to keep the cast and setting small, but complex. The time travel premise of the show is well thought out, given adequate consequences and weaknesses to ground it, and an incredibly quick pacing that never allows a moment to go dull. And the characters are fairly simple to understand but immediately likeable with enough personality to remember them. The show has a solid, ...
Sep 24, 2022
You've seen sports anime about teens who were new to the game, and you've seen idol anime about struggling idols. But have you ever seen an anime about an entire tournament of people who are bad at BOTH?

Because that's the concept of Extreme Hearts, both the anime and in-universe tournament. Our MC is a failed idol who joins a league of potential idol athletes where the common goal is to use the tournament's notoriety to go pro. Their world has pro athletes and pro idols without combining the two and adding weird unexplained technology, it seems like all players here NEED this tournament of losers ...

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