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Mar 24, 2018
Dragon Ball is and probably always will be my favorite series. I was just an four year old boy when I first had the pleasure of witnessing Dragon Ball on TV. Though I was perhaps too young to understand it, as I got older, I'd eventually move onto Dragon Ball Z. The more I'd aged, the more I grew to love Dragon Ball. I was hooked, and my knowledge of the series was immense.

Dragon Ball Super is the continuation and sequel of Dragon Ball Z. The story is quite similar to Z as we see our hero Goku progressively meeting stronger foes and the read more
Jan 26, 2017
Since there are only 4 episodes out, I will be giving my first impressions for this anime.

Masamune-kun's Revenge seems at face value, the virtue of blandness. A plot of blurb that anyone can read so generically and your typical protagonist. However, I don't find that to be the case as I actually find the protagonist quite likable. The revenge theme is also something that rarely happens in the romance genre so the plot isn't exactly linear and boring.

Masamune-kun's Revenge is interesting as it is able to take a rehashed idea and execute it with the sort of panache that leaves you wanting more. By the read more
Jan 1, 2017
As an avid fan of the overly popular Fate franchise, the hype I got before watching this film was immense. This is a great special, but it definitely has plenty of areas that could be improved. Although this film is admittedly worse than the other Fate series like Kaleid, UBW and Zero, it's still worth a watch.

Set in the year 2015, the final era of magic. Caldea is an organization established to observe the magical world and the world of science - as well as to prevent the final extinction of mankind. Humanity is guaranteed at least another 100 years, that is until the future read more
Dec 3, 2016
Sword Art Online is the smartest anime I've seen. Literally, the plot is so bad that it's good. It's probably one of the most cliche anime which is also nice. It's great to bring some unoriginality into the industry with a very intricate and concise plot. Our main character is plunged into a virutal fantasy of MMORPGs where he meets 10,000 other players where they are trapped together. He fights and makes companions along his way to clearing the game.

Story: error/10
Totally unique story. Guy meets the most idealistic girl and they end together. Oh, he also gets his own harem. The writing of this show read more