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May 4, 2024
Preliminary (134/? chp)
Guess I gotta write one of these since the negative review bros are tripping. I'll do a quick overview of the manga as a whole after.

I guess spoilers since it's like .70% of the manga about 2 unimportant side characters and spread out. If you've even ended up on this page you're probably a yuri fan that runs through everything you possibly can. You got the greenlight to read. You've read much worse offenders than this. It'll be a 7/10 probably, or an 8/10 if you're sappy and get emotional at basically everything.


If you're worried about the "Pedo arc" or the story going that direction, ...
Apr 16, 2024
TL:DR - A decent show ruined by poor writing and strong plot convenience like no other.

Whew this is a rough one. Usually when I see something popular that I don't end up liking I can at least understand *why* it's liked.

This one eludes me, but we'll get what's NOT wrong with it out of the way first.

The overall animation is pretty solid and consistent. It does dip down here and there with some cheaper shots, but mostly it's pretty good.

Another decent point is the music. Outside of the first OP being probably one of the most mismatched intros to a show i've ever heard, the ...
Dec 31, 2023
A simple slice of life comedy between a highschool girl becoming a landlord and her tenants, all dipped in a bit of ecchi.

There's no romance or yuri so it's a bit mislabeled where I read it since I was searching for some GL, but it is quite funny and entertaining nonetheless. It's about everything you'd expect from a ecchi slice of life, and the jokes land much better than I would have guessed going into it.

The antics can be a bit random, but it's not too far off the rails that it ruins the experience. All in all it's nothing too crazy since it is ...
Dec 29, 2023
Not too deep on spoilers, but marked just in case.

A decent manga that feels a bit rushed towards the end. As previously mentioned in other reviews, there's a short lived moment that's a bit dark, but nothing comes from it and mainly serves to further show the character is a bit twisted(even further supported by a few of the shorrt extra chapters after the end). It doesn't have too much impact on the story though and it's not as bad as others make it out to be. It is abrupt, but you can't do something like this without that feeling. It also serves as a ...
Oct 14, 2023
Mixed Feelings
A bit of a tough read due to the lack of any meaningful substance and the repetitive nature of the characters. I'd imagine many people run into this title glossing over Girl's Love tags looking for something to read. It's not entirely fair to the manga, but it also brings it upon itself with how much yuri baiting there is.

There's some really adorable art that pops up throughout, but that's probably the only thing it has going for it. After a few chapters you've pretty much experienced all that the manga has to offer. It's fine for a volume, but for 41 chapters it just ...
Feb 10, 2023
An incredibly adorable manga with more of a focus on comedy. There's not too much plot or depth but it more than makes up with it with it's humor and cute character interactions and even cuter character art. Strong blush game here. If you're worried it's more of a gag type manga then fear not, for the yuri aspects is 100% solid as well. The son's misinterpretation of his friends feelings adds a nice balance to the whole thing.

The 18 to 36 age gap is pretty large but they handle very well imo. I wouldn't consider that a reason to pass this up if that's ...
Dec 20, 2022
Aight. I'm just writing this to save fellow yuri/romance fans some time. There's no relationship or basically any progress towards any relationship. Some minor things happen but overall there's just nothingness while 2 girls fangirl over another a few times.

I'm not here for the ecchi, but for you guys, there's also not really much to speak of. Weird tags on this one.

If you're here just for some fluffiness... Yeah that's also kinda mid. Everyone loses this time around guys. Sorry.

All that's left is a somewhat middling series of events that doesn't really contribute to anything. It's a tough read overall.
Aug 6, 2022
This is rough in almost every way possible.

The characters are basically static and tossed in random events where they can continue to be broken records in the most asinine scenarios.

Some people praise it for the "yuri". But holy damn the other girl isn't even present in 90% of the anime. It's just not even a factor.

Nothing in the show is here for accuracy nor consistency. 20 yards between balls? Like 3 feet at best if you just look at the distance of the balls.

There's basically zero stakes even when the show is trying to tell you how high the stakes are. Everything is just done ...
Jan 3, 2022
This story is a prequel to a manga I wish existed. Spoilers ahead.

This manga has a constant sense of weight that is hard to describe. In most stories like this, something heavy might happen to set the scene and you get the entire story of them falling in love.

This time around, the entire story is around overcoming some heavy shit, and at the end you get your relationship kinda put out there at the end. So like a reverse take.

I can't say I like this method much since cute lovey dovey romance is my preferred, but it does do well in setting up these characters ...
Sep 1, 2021
I don't usually do many reviews, but I felt like I should at least try to persuade people to watch this. At the very least I feel like it's underrated cuz people see some boobs and probably assume the worst, just like I did.

For starters, i'm not a fanservice guy. I'm mostly a romance/slice of life/Romcom kinda person. Me and fanservice just don't get along. For a comparison, Keijo, similar sports type ecchi anime, got a 4 from me.

Going into this, I had zero expectations and figured i'd just be met with your typical ecchi garbage. I'm part of a group that throws anime into ...

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