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Sep 25, 2021
Ok so Genjitsu Shugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki, is not your stereotypical isekai, it's premise, like the name says, a dude that rebuilds the kingdom.

So I'll make this short. Story is good, not that many downsides and no real hook, just good overall. The mc is pretty likeable, he fits his role, he's calm, rational and a realist (lmao). Heroine is fun to watch, especially her interactions with mc.

The plot is actually very good, the pacing and story is fun to watch. However, imo it's kinda lacking for me, like I said, it lacks that hook factor that pulls us in. It focusing in read more
Sep 25, 2021
Ok so this anime is eh. Lemme explain, imma just make this short.

So this anime is basically a recap, all they did was add characters and add to the character development. It's fundamentally flawed, we know exactly what's gonna happen, and unlike other prequel/spinoff anime, that give more exposition or backstory, this doesn't do that.

Sure it gives us new characters, but you can't really root for them, because in the original story, they were nobodies. Slap some overdramatic characters with a op character (that we know will lose), you get this show.

The only redeeming quality is the growth of existing characters and how read more
Sep 25, 2021
Alright so this show, for me it's pretty decent. The theme is regret, like most time travel stories. However, the theme really isn't present in most of the episodes. The half of the show is basically living with people and building a harem.

The show starts with mc feeling regret, so he finds himself back in time. He choose the other path in life, in hope to be successful and live a happy life. You'd think this show is about struggling in school because he lack talent, or focusing on the time travel aspect, but no it's just mc flexing his skills in everything. The plot read more
Sep 22, 2021
I think this show is peak slice of life. The first season shows wacky nonsense that's really fun to watch, since it premise is living with a dragon that knows nothing about humans and is very over the top, and that made a very good slice of life. However this season kinda deviates from that, they could've made more wacky nonsense, instead, they made the characters grow to live normal lives and give them backstories. This was a very good move, since the ending of the first season puts real emotions to unrealistic situations. And this season did more of that, and they absolutely crushed read more
Sep 21, 2021
Ok so, I didn't want to make a review, but seeing the other reviews kinda made me do this one. People don't seems to get the purpose of part 2, remember this is season 2 PART 2, it's a direct continuation for part 1, not a individual season. Part 1 is supposed to set the stage, make us hate the antagonist and gives the protagonist a goal and (usually) a power boost. Part 2s are supposed to be all payoff, each episode is fillied with action and satisfaction. Ok, let's discuss story


So, the first part was like the calm before the storm, they were preparing read more
Sep 20, 2021
Ok welcome to the seasonal isekai trash, this time... It's this dumster of a show.

(very little spoilers)

So the premise was good, my man having memories from both of his lives, and other isekai'ed people. Like most isekai harem, mc is the most op dude in the land and he collects girls with zero effort. However, 1 MAJOR problem, it's so damn boring.

This is actually the first show i dropped, my man travels back and forth and saves heroines (which happens in all isekai harems), the leaves them because, 'I need to do this alone, for I am the embodiment of E D G E". read more
Sep 19, 2021
This show, though it appears to be tragic, at its heart it is just another romcom(that will make us smile and feel good for the rest of the day) with a nice premise. I'm saying this, because I'm sure some of you came to this show after hearing it's premise, and though it was gonna be a tragic show with complex characters.


So, I'm gonna make this short, this anime is really good. The premise is very interesting; so close, yet so far. Tragic, yet wholesome, and I think it would make an interesting story. And they absolutely nailed it.

Let's get the small read more
Sep 17, 2021

Ok Kanokano, holy jeez controversial, here we go. Kanokano is imo, a really fun cringe filled mess, and it's actually good.

Alright , let's get these easy stuff out of the way. Art, icky at times, but good and colorful, which really adds that comedy vibe. Voice actors, are legends, they're the reason most of us watched. Music, absolutely amazing, the bgm really fits and the op and ed slaps.

Ok now the characters, *sigh*. First, we have our boi, our main man, Naoya, he's stupid, but this isn't bad compared to edge lords and (some) otaku mc's. He's stupidity is one of the factors of read more
Sep 17, 2021

So, Hamefura season 2, it's a solid anime and I enjoyed it. Its story was eh, but when you watch it, it's fun.

Art was great, sound wasn't really noticeable (imo) and the characters, oh man the characters. Since their gimmick was introduced in season 1, I wont really touch on that. So, the characters, they are very fun to watch and their interactions are hilarious, but their mindless obsession to Katarina just takes away points for me. I know that that is a trope in harem, but damn do they take it to the max, however, that's what makes the show good. Let me explain, read more
Sep 11, 2021

This show was very enjoyable, the setting, pacing, art,music and action were fantastic. The story was good, but the main issue is the lack of focus on other characters, we'll get deeper to that.

So, the characters, the main cast (Iruma, Clara, Azz and Ameri) received great attention and growth, even Sabnock got nice growth. However, the rest of the cast recieved little to no growth, the only time the show moderately focused on them, was the convincing the teacher's arc (bad boy Iruma arc). There is also the time when team Kalego fought, but that only read more