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Jul 2, 2022
More foreheads huh?

Ok so In the heart of kunoichi tsbaki was a pretty good show, it was very inconsistent in the middle parts, but overall, a good and enjoyable show.

So, let’s start with the story; we focus on the dog squad, led by tsubaki (mc), and her curiosity on boys. Assuming you read the synopsis, I don’t need to explain how the girls in the village feel about boys. So yeah, we were shown that Tsubaki wants to know more about boy. However, during the middle section in the show, the main focus is shifted to everyday life with the different squads, and tsubaki’s squad ...
Jun 24, 2022
Wow an anime that actually balances comedy and romance perfectly, and has many well-developed characters that aren't the main cast, instant 9.

This anime actually surprised me, because the premise isn't really something new; forbidden love. However, the way they executed it was well done and pretty funny.

So, the story focuses on the hero team Gelato 5 and the villain organization Gekko, like other romcoms with this formula, two people from the opposing sides fall in love, and the show focuses on how they develop as a couple and how they hide it from the public. I don't think this anime focuses on the story, It's ...
Jun 23, 2022
Mixed Feelings
(if you get it, you a homie, if you don'tn that's fine)

Ok so skeleton knight was my isekai trash of this season (I didn't watch much this time), and if I can sum it up in one word, mid.

I really don't usually enjoy op mc animes, but some I can make exceptions. Anyway, (imo) the main purpose of an op mc is enjoyment, the satisfaction of seeing the mc whoop the villains asses is glorious at times, but generally, boring, this is one of those cases. I also don't like "dark" animes, this anime seems to have ventured into some dark themes, ...
Jun 17, 2022
Pretty good show ruined by a nasty ending.

Ok rikekoi 2 started off pretty good actually, since there's no exposition needed, and we know the bullshit these characters do on a regular basis. Those who watch this season should expect more. And we get more, more wacky shenanigans about science and love, and I semi dig it. However, BRUH the last episode.

So, the story is kinda bad in general, the premise of the story doesn't make sense (even in the first season), but we all know why came to this show, to see some smart yet stupid people find their love for each other. The ...
Mar 28, 2022
hot take: fanservice is good

Alright, I mean this show was controversy 101 for the non-anime community, but past the "problematic" fanservice, this show is actually pretty good.

Ok so My dress up darling is a show about dressing up, not really though. It may seems that way, since the shows main plot focuses on the cosplays and the people you meet along the way, but at it's core, the show is about experiencing new things, or changing because of someone (as evident in ep 12).

The art HAS to be good, I mean have you seen the booba physics, and the sound really encapsulates the moment ...
Mar 24, 2022
Oh my geez, this show is puts a nice spin into the standard adventure theme, and it nails it.

I first discovered this show, because I was mad that Mushoku Tensei wasn't the top rated anime of Fall 2021, but when I watched it, I didn't regret it.

I think if you're here, you've already watched some videos on this show, about the first 2 episodes, yes the first 2 episodes hit on an emotional level and they introduce the characters in a really nice way. I'll say this, in terms of character introduction, this show is one of the best, since most of their character ...
Mar 23, 2022
Mixed Feelings

Look man, this show is mid, it doesn't do anything well, but bit also doesn't do anything noticeably bad.

Basically this show is just boring tbh, it's about a girl who dies and got isekai'ed to a game. She's basically one of the gods in this game and is just down right op. So yeah, I'm not really a fan of super op people who don't face any challenge. "Oh but there were times she had trouble" no, just no.

The comedy boils down to "haha mc op, everyone around her surprised" and "ehhhhh!?" So yeah not my cup of tea. The background music ...
Mar 21, 2022
86 Part 2 (Anime) add
The last episode was actually just perfect.

So 86 is an amazing show, it nails action, character and story. Look, I can't stress enough how well this show was handled, so let's try.

The visuals and bgm, amazing, the fact that the ed sequence is just a vague landscape of something that relates to the episode. So yeah, these two points were done amazingly.

The story is just, wow, the change is setting feels so natural, and necessary for the characters. The fact that they experience how it's like to have a life, so yeah, nice change of pace. I can't really say much about it, without ...
Dec 29, 2021

Just watch the first half, thank me later. The first half actually follows the premise; a slow life romance, with some cool moments here and there. And then the second half just goes to flames. I get what they were trying to do, but the execution was just garbage.

So the plot is basically, as the tittle says, slow life. It actually does a good job in handling that, mc living with his wife, just having fun and sometimes, being a hero in secret. As the story goes on, his past catches up to him as he has to do more and more ...
Dec 25, 2021
Loli? No, shortstack :thumbsup:

This is a very real and nice romcom to relax to. It's a wholesome slice of life that portrays the everyday life of a kohai and her senpai, the best couple of the season and the oneesan tag.

The plot mainly focuses on the 3 things I just listed above, it gives us great character development and brings a wholesome conclusion each episode. The show feels fresh and full of motion in every episode. It's just a really good show if you want a relaxing experience that doesn't bring much tension or suspense, but still feels natural.

The characters are just a treat ...

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