Dec 29, 2021

Just watch the first half, thank me later. The first half actually follows the premise; a slow life romance, with some cool moments here and there. And then the second half just goes to flames. I get what they were trying to do, but the execution was just garbage.

So the plot is basically, as the tittle says, slow life. It actually does a good job in handling that, mc living with his wife, just having fun and sometimes, being a hero in secret. As the story goes on, his past catches up to him as he has to do more and more hero stuff. BUT THEN HERE COMES THE SECOND HALF. His past catches up to him, and now he's basically back to being a hero, nothing too bad. The first act as a hero was done fairly okay, it was well developed and had moderate pacing. However, it was a bit uncomfortable seeing the center of the conflict being kids, and random character popping out of no where, but okay ig. Then the second act was just collision of plot points, that weren't even developed, only stated once or even never. Everyone is here, and now it's just too much to handle, and it's just done so poorly. We don't get any hints or time to unpack the plot; "slow life" remember?

The characters are so so, some are done good and some are just garbage. MC actually has decent to no development, the only development he gets is his romance development, but other than that, nothing. He remains the same perfect guy as he always is, in flashbacks and now (note: I'm saying perfect, because he is, he isn't the strongest person, but he's mc material). Next it Rit, also little to no development, she just becomes red's wife ig. Ruti was actually done pretty well, though kinda cliché at times, her growth as a person was well-written. Then there's Ares, actually a decent portrayal to a decent into madness, just a crazy guy, that's all. Tisse was a good friend, and that's about it, nicely written friend. Last is the rest of the cast, which just appear out of nowhere, ulterior motives and important events? not even hinted at, just all handled poorly.

I get the theme of the show "Don't let other people (the gods) decide your life, you get to live how you want to". However, the bad writing and random plot bullcrap weigh it down so much, the only saving grace of this show is the actual slow life. Decent anime
Reviewer’s Rating: 7
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