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Aug 5, 2018
I wanted to read it for quite some time, and as it finished serialization i was really hyped going in. Prison School is an example of a genuine fun time full of hilarious and outrageous moments, that unfortunately turned into a drag to read. Simply, everything past chapter 178 goes downhill; the pacing, the development of some characters are just put to a stand, and the problem with this, is that you slowly start to lose any kind of concern or care you had with them. But you must remember the nature of the manga, with all its over the top situations being its read more
Jul 14, 2018
Shiki (Manga) add (All reviews)
Shiki is a great manga because it keeps the story personal and closed (if that makes sense).

A series of deaths occur in a village, and it all started after a certain family inhabited an abandoned mansion, it turns out they are vampires. It's a bit slow in the beginning, as it focuses more on world building, but the mistery is ever present, and the struggle of the village is all more enjoyable because of the scale, we know who everyone is and what the village is like, details about the national road, the temples, houses, and we are more invested in the story because of read more
Jul 6, 2018
This space thriller about the survival of a group of students is sure to make you keep reading until the end!

The premise alone captures your atention, a sci-fi adventure with a bunch of highschool teenagers, where they have to manage survival by themselves. But as the story goes, a bunch of questions pop up, and by the end a huge development is unveiled, and it does a tremendous job setting up and capturing your desire to keep reading! The only problem with this, is that the pacing was moving fast, lacking some more interactions between the crew.

The diverse cast is all different and had great read more
Jul 2, 2018
This continuation just has too much of a convoluted and messy story to really stand at the same ground as the first season.

Starting right where we left of, the story is centered around Akane, and returning as well as new members of Division 1, trying to apply justice in the distopian Japan where Sybil reigns as it avaluates a persons capability of becoming a latent criminal. This time around, we have our antagonist, Kamui, who wants to prove that the sistem is not perfect, and confronts the Public Safety Bureau, with his various schemes, all while we progressively learn various plot points about Sybil, read more
Apr 30, 2017
Kamisama no Iutoori is an underrated manga that one would read only by sheer luck, it's not well known but it's better than most popular manga out there.

The story is what keeps you going, a high school survival manga with enough weird elements that spike your interest. With just 21 chapters you are going to breeze through it, the weakest part is probably the background story for why this was happening, but is mysterious enough that it's not a huge problem.

The art is good, not that special at first but as you go on it gets much better and it suits the dark tone of read more
Apr 29, 2017
Kamisama no Iutoori Ni is a sequel that lacks the thrill of survival of its prequel, and the reason for that is because it turned into a more Shounen battle manga.

Focusing on those students that skipped school while the games were occurring, the story begins at the same time as the previous one, it has its ups and lows, but the games here are not that interesting, and while they are being played there is no sense of worry or fear of what's going to happen, as most of it just plays out just as you expected, or just is unpredictable for the sake of read more