Jul 6, 2018
Flarzy (All reviews)
This space thriller about the survival of a group of students is sure to make you keep reading until the end!

The premise alone captures your atention, a sci-fi adventure with a bunch of highschool teenagers, where they have to manage survival by themselves. But as the story goes, a bunch of questions pop up, and by the end a huge development is unveiled, and it does a tremendous job setting up and capturing your desire to keep reading! The only problem with it, is that the pacing was so fast, lacking some more interactions between the crew.

The diverse cast had a great developement, the interactions between them feel genuine, as it's about survival and trust is important, despise that their optimist is ever present, there should have been more of a desperate feeling in the air sometimes. They all have an important involvement in the story.

The art is very clean and easy to look at, while having detail. It also demonstrates the emotions and sets apart all of the characters as unique.

It was a great ride from beginning to end, never deviating from the story it set its goal to.