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Jul 1, 2016
ReLIFE (Anime) add (All reviews)
~Spoiler Free~

Being able to fix our mistakes might as well be a dream to strive for. We all have regrets in life no matter who you are and it is up to the individual to work their life around it. Well, ReLife takes the concept by the horns and directs it to a path that is not necessarily different, but interesting.

(Optional)This series is an adaptation of a web comic by the same name and takes on the story of Kaizaki Arata and his life of high school. Funny thing, he is a full grown adult. Acknowledging the fact that life is going downhill due to read more
Feb 28, 2016
Many know of this split decision that we all come to, making a decision because we are told to, or make a decision by our own beliefs. What is right is entirely subjective and can only be judged by the person making the decision right? Well, I learned that near the end of this first season when everything is wrapping up. I learned a lot of things near the end of this series, and yep, that's pretty much the forte for Owari No Seraph S1

This first season is more of an introduction to the world of Owari No read more
Dec 26, 2015

I'll honestly admit wholeheartedly that I teared up to point of almost crying towards the end of this special. Not because it was sad, hell no. But ever since I started this series, it seriously felt like I have made friends whom have fun together, play together, and tease each other over the most simplest matters. This, in my opinion, was a fantastic way to end off the series by using all the development that was built up by the past three seasons.

For my personal thoughts on the special, Working!!(!) did a great job on conveying the feelings and read more