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Jul 15, 2012
Story: 10-The only bad thing about this manga is that IS TOO DAMN SHORT!! TTATT! the story is really an interesting one. A vampire who is allergic to human blood? i don't know others but for me, is the first time reading something like that. Is very interesting and i think the author could have made at least 15+ chapters from that one shot.

Art: 9-The art is awesome! the details are gorgeous and the clothes are really good drawn, in kinda goth style and the background is carefully drawn.

Character: 5-I give this poor qualification (although i don't want to) because the manga is so read more
Jul 12, 2012
This manga started like any other shoujo manga. The girl likes the guy, she can't take her eyes off of him, wishing he would glance at her...etc. I personally wanted to stop reading it but then it got interesting. I started to like the plot, the events were really strange, weird so it kept me wondering why and how was that happening. When i found out i got a huuuuuge disappointment. In the end it was like aaaany other shoujo manga. So cliche that i wanted to throw my pc out on the window. The end of this manga was so like the author read more
Aug 10, 2010
Summary: Honami Kairi's fate changes when he accepted an offer from an old man to work for a rich family as a housekeeper. The low-level job suddenly transforms into a wedding workout with his schoolmate, the foreign Royal Prince Shou...! It's a fairytale with a twist...(Source: MangaFox)

Story (7) mm well this was more like Shoujo not Yaoi manga...In my opinion the story is just too rushed >_> i mean everything happened just too fast it doesn't let u time to be excited and ask " what will happen next?" And the final was just too fast...i was reading it and then i didn't read more