Jul 12, 2012
Etthelred (All reviews)
This manga started like any other shoujo manga. The girl likes the guy, she can't take her eyes off of him, wishing he would glance at her...etc. I personally wanted to stop reading it but then it got interesting. I started to like the plot, the events were really strange, weird so it kept me wondering why and how was that happening. When i found out i got a huuuuuge disappointment. In the end it was like aaaany other shoujo manga. So cliche that i wanted to throw my pc out on the window. The end of this manga was so like the author didn't had more time to spend on this manga and said "well, let's finish this once for all" i think it would have been better if she made more chapters. She could develop all those feelings and problems more and the end wouldn't be so rushed.

The art is nice. i love the way she draws the eyes although she could focus more on the backgrounds and details. What more can i say? is the typical drawing of a lot of shoujo manga. Nothing spectacular but neither boring.

The characters were fine. Each of them has their own unique character and behavior which developed just fine with the story. She did a great job with their emotions, making you feel sorry for them, sad, happy or angry.

I recommend this manga for those who are bored or doesn't have anything to do. Is sweet, heart-warming and short. Is not the best manga you could read, so if you don't want to loose time, don't read it. There are plenty of sweet-romance-heart warming, short mangas better than this