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Jan 26, 2021
Tales of an axed manga: Elf season.

This series had so much potential in the beginning. An atypical MC (A futanari, even) who's half the way to being a villain, an interesting high fantasy setting centered about a magic-like card game with the main characters being equivalent to "Planeswalkers". The summoned creatures were distinct in design and character, the art wasn't bad and the story seemed to have some prospects.

Still, it's been clearly cancelled. Probably because the other work of the authors, a cooking isekai with elves, is still somewhat popular. The first detailed conflict was actually the last, and everything is resolved in read more
Sep 2, 2020
First thing, this is, in my opinion, one of the best romance isekai manwhas around. The MC get's reincarnated as Raeliana, a character of a romance novel she read in the past. This character died soon in the novel, so she has to find a way to survive. This is nothing too original, but it is very well developed in this work.

If I give it a 7 is because I consider the word used to describe a 7 (Good) as appropiate for this work comparing it with other works. Still, it's very difficult to find a "princess romance manwha" as well thought as this one. read more
Jun 11, 2020
At first, I thought that this would be the typical fantasy manga with some palace intrigue and classical romance plot (I mean, even the countries are named after single letters), but I was pleasantly surprised. This is a GOOD politica manga.

First the story. I'm surprised by how many things have happened in the 10 chapters I've been able to find. Chapters are long and straight to the point. Character's actions have serious consecuences, and there are no lore dumps in the middle of it. Flashbacks resolved in one chapter, rarely more. Good rythm and exposition, what happens and why it's pretty clear. Don't expect much read more
May 26, 2020
Pretty standard low quality Isekai harem manga, with at least some full nudes one every two chapters. I started reading it because I was interested in the management part of the story but, to be honest, the writer doesn't make the most of the setting, not by a long shot. No spoilers ahead (Not that there's much to spoil anyway).

About the Story, there's two main, really serious flaws. First, the MC doesn't have any kind of personality, he just have ideas, but it's basically a reflection of the writer or a power fantasy receptacle. Second, the waifus don't have distinct personalities neither, apart from the read more
Apr 29, 2020
A fantasy story that's not isekai or have any overpowered characters? Is such a thing possible? Well, here you got an example. No spoilers, by the way.

The story starts well after the heroic stage of the main character has ended. Once he is old and battered by the life he has lived, decides to travel to find his final resting place.

For those fearing an extremely introspective manga, like I was before I read it, I can say, do not worry. It explores plenty of action scenes (To be honest, I was surprised, I expected a cooking fantasy manga).

The story is quite well read more
Apr 4, 2020
Wasted potential: The manga. Mild spoilers ahead, nothing serious tho.

At first, this may seem one of the best "back in time" stories around. The main character is strong and has her own voice, and the secondary characters are charismatic and funny to read about, with many chapters where you can enjoy their antics and smile. And that's good, that's the part I like about this manga.

Now there's the bad. This manga devotes most of it's length to action, politics, tactics and strategy, being what you could say "the core" of what actually happens, but does it rather poorly.

Action is showy, but it's read more
Mar 9, 2020
At this point (Chapter 13) I can say with no shame that this is a GOOD isekai manga, way above most of them. I started reading it, as many, because of meme magic. I just wanted to see an Isekai with Putin riding monsters and defeating enemies left and right.

Instead (Or we could say "also"), I got a fun, engaging manga, with atypical characters (None free from imperfection), above average art and some interesting twists on the most basic isekai tropes. It's too soon to emit a deep analysis on it at this point, I think, but I would definitely recommend it to anybody read more
Sep 20, 2019
Interesting take on political intrigue by the hand of Natsume Ono, one of my favourite mangakas. Fully recommended to those who liked the masterpiece that is "Saraiya Goyou", along with those who liked "Pumpkin Scissors" or "Taihou no Stamp".

No spoilers ahead.

First things first: Excuse my poor english.

Story 8/10:

VERY character focused. A story with a simple premise, that later on gets more complicated, but not to the point of being extremely convoluted.
It does not overload the reader with characters, motivations and unnecesary exposition about what's happening; everthing is explained in a few words when it must, and most of the dialogue is read more
Aug 11, 2019
First, I must say I do not usually drop any title I have started, but this one managed to get me do it (After I read the first 26 chapters). Also, excuse my poor english, if you find any gross mistakes in my grammar or orthography.

Now to the point:

This is a power fantasy of a manga, where the main character is just awesome and everybody loves him. This is not an uncommon thing, as anybody who has read some Isekai manga surely knows, but this one I found particularly dumb and dishonest.

The art is decent (Not very good tho), but the characters and read more
Jul 12, 2019
Interesting military manga, going deep into logistics of war through a curtain of comedy. Characters are well defined, although until this point it has not gone to the past of most characters (surprisingly, the most detailed background descriptions are those of the antagonists or secondary characters).

Half gag manga and half pure military story, it's a nice read if you liked the more "strategic" or "negotiation" side of Youjo Senki or Pumpkin Scissors.

A particular thing about this manga is that the author designs one military vehicle in each chapter, dedicating a full page to explaining it's capacities, pros and contras. The author is definitely read more