May 26, 2020
EisenhornPuritus (All reviews)
Pretty standard low quality Isekai harem manga, with at least some full nudes one every two chapters. I started reading it because I was interested in the management part of the story but, to be honest, the writer doesn't make the most of the setting, not by a long shot. No spoilers ahead (Not that there's much to spoil anyway).

About the Story, there's two main, really serious flaws. First, the MC doesn't have any kind of personality, he just have ideas, but it's basically a reflection of the writer or a power fantasy receptacle. Second, the waifus don't have distinct personalities neither, apart from the two first of them. At the beginning they were fairly different, but by chapter 10 they do mostly the same role in the story. The others don't ammount to much neither.

We are introduced to the tower fairly soon, we get a quite straightforward explanation on how does it work, and then.. it's waifu time! The story doesn't have any real conflict, the main character do not find adversity or difficulties to implement any of his ideas to manage the tower, and the plot basically goes from one waifu to the next, introducing insanely hot female character that lust incontrolably after the main character because reasons, then the MC gets all bashful (Not that he's sleeping with a couple of them already, every new woman get's him all blushed) and they go live in the tower, rinse and repeat.

About the art, it's good. It's obvious that the artists worked hentai before. Also there's literal sex scenes in the manga, it's not subtle at all. Had to restrain from wanking one out a couple of times. Still, it's not amazing, combat scenes are fairly simple, you won't stare at the vignettes for long.

Characters, as mentioned, are pretty bland. There's none worth remembering.

In short, I was expecting at least a little bit more than this. I've read dozens of Isekais at this point, and this one is just not worth it, there's no drama, no mistery or no pleasure to it.

If you want to read something similar that's not pure garbage you could try Realist Hero, Realist Maou or Dungeon Builder.