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Dec 7, 2017
The predecessor and big brother to Ryohgo Narita’s Durarara, Baccano is an experiment in storytelling that falls victim to its own devices.

Baccano is an unconventional story told from multiple perspectives, while also jumping back and forth through time. At just 16 episodes, this anime is in some ways a breeze but also capable of losing you in its whirlwind of trying to beef up a not so interesting story with a wild delivery.

This is an anime that is lauded by many in the community as a special one. The storytelling is held in high regard and is well liked by so many, so I decided read more
Nov 27, 2017
4 years later, the juggernaut returns. The anomaly that is Attack on Titan premiered in anime form 2013 to worldwide acclaim. It saw a meteoric rise to the forefront of the anime world, and rightfully so. There was so much hype, whether for good or for bad, and no one could talk anime without bringing up AOT, and then it vanished, more or less, discounting recap movies, live action movies, spin-offs, and every character imaginable cosplayed at conventions. Still unsure whether it was because of budget issues, or timing and keeping in line with the manga, it exited the way it entered, until now that read more
Nov 25, 2017
If a detectives evidence board were to come to life, this anime would be it.

Set in a somewhat fictionalized Tokyo, Durarara is a masterclass in multi perspectival story telling. Durarara or DRRR chronicles the daily occurrences in the district of Ikebukuro. Being the first of 4 seasons, these 26 episodes do a lot and very little to set us up for the rest of this epic.

The show has an interesting setup in that the episodes are sequential, but they focus on pieces of main events and even go as far as taking several episodes to show a singular event from multiple perspectives. In some read more
Nov 23, 2017
Coming halfway through the Manga’s 13 year run, Claymore is at its core a revenge tale full of action and sword play with medieval aesthetics, i.e. the name of the anime, a reference to the medieval sword.

Over the course of 26 episodes, we get a well paced narrative that somewhat ends with a bang and then fizzles, with lots of backstory, self discovery, and conspiracy along the way.

The art is clean enough and typical of the time. It makes the somber setting believable and adds to the overall dark tone of the show. The colors are subdued, there is lots of blood spraying read more
Nov 21, 2017
School drama, plot to save the world, assassins, what more could you ask for in an anime.

Assassination Classroom is a unique combination of several genres under the guise of a goofy, cheery school life anime.

The anime’s story is pretty fun to watch as it evolves over the 2 seasons. We are watching the students grow as people, but we also see them grow as assassins as they learn of how to possibly kill their teacher at any open chance they get. It’s a great mix between very well directed action scenes/animation and typical high school activities and issues the students deal with over read more
Nov 19, 2017
Berserk, Berserk, Berserk… what more can be said about Berserk? I figured one more review couldn’t hurt.

This is for the Golden Age arc movies released from 2012-2013. I never watched the original anime series nor have I or frankly ever will watch the latest series to be released, but I have come to understand that the movies serve as a bridge between some of the evens in the original anime and the latest anime to air.

Off of first impressions, the anime is beautiful. The art and cinematography are amazing, much better visually than the original anime, which isn’t difficult considering the anime first read more
Nov 19, 2017
Monster (Anime) add (All reviews)
Slow, slow, slow, BOOM, slow, slow. There can't be any other way to describe the overall feel of this anime.

This anime is said by so many to be one of the greatest of all time, a must watch, a necessary part of any fan's journey in the anime world. I, however, have trouble understanding how anyone, after sitting through all 74 episodes could consider this such a masterpiece or at least as high of a rating everyone seems to give it.

I enjoy the plot and it is a nice story overall. The realism is felt throughout and the true darkness of people is extremely read more
Sep 8, 2017
Hai to Gensou no Grimgar or simply Grimgar felt like watching a water color painting come to life.
This anime is a real art piece that exists within its own little world.

Grimar works and feels like a high art more real version of Sword Art Online. The premise is similar, but it is a whole different animal all together.
With Grimgar we get no back story, no overall plot that they work towards. There are little references to what is really going on, but nothing more than that.

I think it's clear that Hal is the MC, but his party is just as important read more
Sep 8, 2017
DanMachi... yet another anime based on a fantasy world where dungeons are traversed as characters try to level up and become "heroes". Amid all the "fan service" stuff, which really isn't that much to be honest, DanMachi is quite a good show that delivers even with subject matter and plot that has been well traversed.

The appeal for DanMachi, and it's real charm doesn't come to fruition until about the middle of the season. The first few episodes are some what goofy, a little cringe. We are introduced to the world of families, guilds, parties, dungeons, gods and goddesses, monsters, and the characters that are read more
Sep 7, 2017
At this point in time, I don't think there are enough words that can be said about One Punch Man.
As standout from the season AND international popularity? It's quite a highlight from 2015.

One Punch Man was thrilling from beginning to end. From the art to the music to the writing of the anime to the character development. It was all superb, especially considering all the source material behind it. The concept was taken to the stars and beyond and we can't help but be glad that they gave us such a great anime.

The music was fitting for all the moments. It really fit the read more