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Feb 11, 2018
This review is extremely biased, as I just cannot give this manga an objective review. It is and has been my favourite for a lot of years now, since I first watched the anime, which now seems awful when compared to the manga.

The enjoyement I and the other fans get from reading Kuorshitsuji overshadows all the mediocre elements of it, making us see it through a pink lense. Still I'll try my best to show my view point properly.

The story is what gets the lowest score on this review. At the surface we have a typical revenge story, where the main character wants to avenge read more
Jan 1, 2018
This manga is very heartwarming and leaves you with a fluffy feeling once you've finished it~

It's a slice of life, dealing with a young girl called Haru, her stepdad Seiji and their friends and acquaintances and their relationships. The basic story is in itself nothing new, the ending is very open, but works well (especially when compared to the ending of a similar manga, 'usagi drop' and how that wrecked the entire story).

The characters are all very cute and likeable, even Chii-san (Seiji's friend from college and potential love interest), whom I was sceptical about at first, turned out to be very pleasing to watch. read more
Dec 26, 2017
(DISCLAIMER) First of all: I have not yet watched the first season. This might seem strange, but it's easily explained by me watching amvs about this anime, copy- and pasting the name and not checking for previous seasons.


So, I enjoyed this anime a lot more than I probably should have. The strory is very similar to other anime, some social issues get touched upon- plus points for having good and evil/ not likeable characters on every side. About the story there isn't much to say, but I must say that for me it seemed to make sense, the way that things read more