Jan 1, 2018
EarlOfDoom (All reviews)
This manga is very heartwarming and leaves you with a fluffy feeling once you've finished it~

It's a slice of life, dealing with a young girl called Haru, her stepdad Seiji and their friends and acquaintances and their relationships. The basic story is in itself nothing new, the ending is very open, but works well (especially when compared to the ending of a similar manga, 'usagi drop' and how that wrecked the entire story).

The characters are all very cute and likeable, even Chii-san (Seiji's friend from college and potential love interest), whom I was sceptical about at first, turned out to be very pleasing to watch. Haru has a very bubbly personality, which doesn't make the more serious moments unbelievable, but creates a nice atmosphere for the dialogues in the manga. All the characters seem pretty grounded and realistic, all of them being genuinely nice people.

The artwork is outstanding (I love this mangaka's style) and it creates the proper moods for the scenes. One thing that kinda bothered me here and in the mangaka's other work 'Stand Up!, is the way the panneling is done may be very innovative at times, but sometimes the story is hard to follow or it's not clear what character is saying what.

If you like slow paced Slice of Life manga, then this is definetly a good read. It is sadly very short, but at the end that isn't a big problem, because the story hints at what is going to happen afterwards with the characters.

If you plan on reading it online, the last chapter might be hard to find (or it's just 11 pages). I read it on mangahere, but depending on when you read this it might be already taken down.

Still, I hope you enjoy it~!