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Jan 4, 2019
With a plot written by a bunch of horny teenagers and animation done by some dude they found in the parking lot of a family diner at 4am, we get this borderline low budget hentai. No seriously, I swear the script was ripped straight from some long forgotten early 2000s hentai. You get about the same level of enjoyment from watching one as well just with low effort fan-service haphazardly thrown in. Low effort easily describes many aspects of the anime. It felt like they didn’t really care about the story, the animation quality was hilariously bad at times, and nearly every single character was read more
Dec 28, 2018
I’ll be honest, I’m really biased when it comes to these types of anime. Cute monster girls doing cute things? Say no more. I’ll marathon the hell out of it. Ms. Vampire Who Lives in My Neighborhood (Or as I’ll call it, Vampire Neighbor) is no exception. This is no Demi-chan wa Kataritai. It won’t hit as deep as it and it won’t show as much character development, but it still has similar levels of cuteness and enjoyment. I use Demi-chan as a comparison because I really do see it as the quintessential monster girl anime. Vampire Neighbor delivers a really fun experience without any read more
Dec 23, 2018
I was really excited for Anima Yell before the season began. A slice of life/comedy about cheerleading? I’m all in, that’s something that hasn’t really been done in anime. Now that I’ve finished it, I can safely say that my excitement kind of paid off. While it wasn’t anything spectacular, it still hit all the beats of a good slice of life anime. There’s nothing to really dislike about it, but there’s nothing there to make you want to sing praise for it either. The characters were all likable, their designs were cute, their interactions were fun and enjoyable, and they all fit specific character read more
Oct 1, 2018
Season 1 didn’t need to exist. Season 2 without a doubt also didn’t need to exist. My faith in anime ends once Season 3 is announced.
OneRoom S2 continues the trend of creepy Point of View storytelling with awkward camera angles that don’t make any sense as a POV anime. POV isn’t my cup of tea, but at the very least the anime can commit to it. It sacrifices its POV shtick for creepy camera shots of these characters. All it does is make you feel uncomfortable, overly awkward, and a douche as an insert character. OneRoom really wants it’s viewers to imagine themselves as the read more
Jul 8, 2018
While a 7 out of 10 is nothing to scoff at, part of me is genuinely disappointed I couldn’t give this an 8. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen an entirely original romance anime. No manga or light novel to work off of or use as a template. However, Tada Never Falls in Love (or just Tadakoi) in no way feels original. I’ve seen plenty of romance anime and it honestly just felt like I’ve seen most of the romantic development before. Even worse, the central romance of the anime didn’t really get any focus until Episodes 6 and 8-13. Episodes 1-5 and 7 were read more
Jul 5, 2018
If you told me before the season started that one of my favorite anime would’ve been about cute horse girls doing races and performing idol performances... I probably would’ve believed you because that actually sounds dumb enough to be good. Uma Musume wasn’t JUST good, it was great. Even if you take away the whole horse girl side of things, you still have a great anime about character striving to be the best runners they can, how they deal with training, rivalry, and losing on their way to achieving their goals. It’s a great character piece where the Main Character doesn’t always win, doesn’t always read more
Jul 5, 2018
There is a very fine line between “Relaxing” and “Boring.” Rokuhoudou constantly switches between the two. Some episodes give off the perfect feeling of peace and relaxation with a quiet atmosphere and characters taking time off from their hard lives to have dessert or drink some tea. Other episodes can get borderline sleep inducing. Not because of the peaceful premise, but out of sheer boredom. It’s not particularly enjoyable whenever the anime tries to be anything besides calming. The humor never lands and the character development isn’t interesting. Most episodes tend to focus on new customers visiting the tea shop with their own personal issues. read more
Jul 4, 2018
Considering this came out around the time I got heavily invested into Fate/Grand Order, an anime about a JP gacha game was very fitting. Doesn’t exactly make it a good anime though. I was never that big of a fan of referential humor. If you play gacha games, you’ll understand most of the references and jokes. Whether or not you’ll find that funny is another thing. I understood the references, but it was ultimately something I’d just say “Yeah, I get that” and move on without giving it any extra thought. There were probably about 2-3 episodes that I truly found myself enjoying. Most of read more
Jul 3, 2018
Golden Kamuy is one of those anime that I think are undeniably entertaining, but I ultimately don’t have much to say about it. It’s not exactly in depth or memorable as some of the other anime this season, but it’s definitely good. I can’t deny that. At the same time, there are no particular scenes that stand out, no characters that I was truly interested in, and a plot that really doesn’t go anywhere. Despite all of that, I am still able to say Golden Kamuy was fun. If I had to pick an aspect of the anime that was memorable, it’d be that it read more
Jul 3, 2018
Now this was a genuinely surprising anime for me. From the very beginning, something about Caligula had me hooked. It’s not that I found it to be amazing or anything, but I found it infinitely interesting. I was excited to see what would happen with each passing week. Thankfully, that feeling stayed with me until the very end. Caligula is far from an amazing anime, but I’ll be damned if I say I was invested in it. The main premise alone interests me enough to look forward to how things will play out. An AI program creates this digital world where everyone is happy because read more