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Aug 10, 2010
It was bad....grotesques.....disgrace to ecchi animes seriously.I mean how many times do you I have to stress this?!!!! don't bother with this crap!

Don't bother with crap I mean really......DON'T.
If you like ecchi animes fine! But don't bother with this SHIT!
Aug 7, 2010
Loved it! Classic Mecha Anime! (Personal Opinion)
If you are into mecha animes I recommend that you give Big O a try!
Aug 3, 2010
Naruto (Anime) add (All reviews)
When this anime came out everyone was at static all my friends told me to watch this anime......and with all this hype how could I not get excited but while I continued to press on this show. Watching episodes......painfully getting through the god damn story arcs that were only occupying show length I realized something.......IT WAS WASTING MY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't get me wrong it was just wouldn't stop with the fucking story arcs!!!!! And personally I felt betrayed....betrayed worst than when Bleach came out with Memories of Nobody damn that sucked for me.....

Its obvious to everyone the anime had potential....but the moment show continued read more
Jul 31, 2010
Everyone has a different concept of humor so its not gonna be funny for everyone..HOWEVER due note that the first three episodes were funny and that I could not stop laughing if you are not into adult humor then this isn't for you.

The art was different and meant to catch the viewers attention especially in the manga so its a seven for me.

Listen....the music is horrendous.....hated it,don't know why but just every time I watch an episode I speed past the theme opening. >_>
Personally I'd rather listen to j-rock or j-metal not this crap! >_>

Story.....there is none its just a comedy show.

Anyways its a pretty read more