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Apr 30, 2019
"There will be times when you realize you won't regret that one choice you made"

That's exactly what went with me for 3D Kanojo: Real Girl.

I never really started with the original work in Manga form so I can't really say anything coming from the original work. But if you can see this review and the one I wrote on the first season or first 12 episodes, you will see me bashing down on both of them for bad execution of work.

The first thing ever to hit your eyes would be art and animation. And boy, is it bad with this series? Just as with the read more
Apr 27, 2019
Just a warning note, I knew of the game and have played it at the time of its release. However, even though I did enjoy and see great potential in its story line, I still dropped playing the game pretty early on since I saw no chance of an ending to the game's plot. This review will be heavily affected by that experience.

Also, this review will have heavy spoilers for the series and only serves as a view to it instead of a conclusion. If you really want to know what it's like, try the series out anyway.

For the first thing, as I mentioned read more
Apr 18, 2019
To start off, unlike the previous review, this is a completely biased opinion of mine that will reflect how I feel on this series. This review will contain spoiler to a certain amount. I can't say how much, but it will.

Kumika no Mikaku, or Kumika's Taste is very much a food Manga while being not about food. As you can see, it involves food, eating and food appreciation through out from the start to the end, true to its name.

However, the food aspect really was just a base to tell another story, the story of a fool traveling through the Arcana and learn new read more
Mar 3, 2019
For all bashers. I'm not going to brand you as not understanding anything, but hell, you need to know better in order to enjoy some of the stuff around you. Seriously, I mean it.

Ok, as top review already pointed out, this series was originally a series of pointless artworks drawn by Himura Kiseki on his Twitter account (@strangestone), Monday Morning Offering, as he named it. It's basically just girls, with a huge set of breats, in all kind of poses wearing pretty much just a pair of skimpy bikini or other provocative garments to be something for working salarymen look forward to on Mondays.

But then, read more
Feb 10, 2019
Well, first thing goes first. I was baited by the word "bunny girl" and the "bunny girl" was indeed worth the bait.

But no, I didn't just get to know this series when it was announced to get a TV Anime series. I saw it first in form of Manga though, not the novel series. So, to an extend, it would be safe to say, this review goes for that Manga series too. And this review might contain some spoiler.

My very first impression was: "Ah, so that's about a girl losing her own existence" and basically didn't feel interested in seeing what was going to go read more
Feb 7, 2019
As most of the high ranking reviews made this series out to be either mediocre or just decent, I think I need to do it some justice, for anyone cares enough to go down the list. And so, there will be some minor spoiler, but as those are going to be key points for me, I think you need to be warned.

First thing first, for story line, Irozuku Sekai no Ashita Kara (I'll be calling it with just Irozuku, instead of any official abbreviation it might have) is not all that good. You basically have 5 threads that went down the series, that's pretty impressive read more
Dec 16, 2018
Warning: This review contains heavy spoiler for the first 4 episode of this series. If you are going to watch it anyway, you might want to skip this review.


For the first time in a while, I saw something seemed interesting go through it and actually decided to drop it.

Muhyo to Rouji no Mahouritsu Soudan Jimusho actually had my hope up with the first 2 episodes going quite well, introducing what goes on and even gave a clue on what the boss would be. It seemed great, but then, it starts going down the drain with how the rule introduced in first episode was broken read more
Dec 15, 2018
Kokkoku (Anime) add (All reviews)
I only wanted to log this series into what I have run through, but seeing top reviews actually make this series out to be bad and not well written, I can't stand by without saying anything.

Let's be frank, this series isn't something you can really like/love at first sight. It's a mess and it happens in like, what the hell? Only 1 moment? Almost a day? Not to mention loop holes in writing are all over the place. Many explanations don't meet up with what they were supposed to answer, it's like they are not even trying to explain anything to be with...... Even read more
Sep 22, 2018
Frankly speaking, it was rather bad of a series I could have decided to watch.

This will sure to be a good and through spoiler to people, those who didn't watch might need to rethink about reading this review.

At first, I thought it was going to be more action than romance and drama. But right the first episode, and I bet it went the same for all people, I realized this was a through and through josei series. Handsome guy, short fused, cares about someone he didn't know, then afraid of hurting her so went on pushing her away, thinking it was for her own read more
Sep 16, 2018
When you have given up having anything to do with people, closing yourself up inside that damn thick and nothing but useless shell of yours, despite knowing yourself that it can go nowhere. Yet, for some reason, some people who doesn't know you keep coming to bother you and succeed in dragging you out of that shell. That's basically what there is to this series.

Truthfully, this Anime was a disaster. The art was done poorly. You can tell that characters and background are not matching in both color and style for so many cuts. Then there are cuts where background felt like it wasn't read more