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Mar 23, 2014
Dragon Drive (Anime) add
Many ppl rated this anime very low. I decided to watch this anime how this can be rated so low. After completed watching the anime, for me, i can't say that it's very bad. Why was it? Let's go into it..

Story: 7/10
The story is about Oozora Reiji, a lazy schoolboy, who is being invited by his chidhood friend Maiko Yukino to join Dragon Drive because Reiji is good at nothing. Reiji became attracted by the virtual game called Dragon Drive where you scan dragon cards and then battling each other. Despite having a little dragon with no power, but actually it's special. Things got more ...
Mar 23, 2014
I watched digimon adventure 02 when I was still a kid, I did enjoy it very much. After I grow up, and rewatching it, I can't believe that it had a bunch of flaws in it. Let's go into it...

Story: 5/10
Being connected with 1st adventure series, the story involves about digimon kaiser, who make rampage on digital world, torturing digimon becoming his servants. New chosen children had to stop him for what he did. The story of kaiser become connected with the next villain and more. My problem is, the story had a LOT of annoying plotholes, especially on the dark ocean episodes. It's cliche, ...
Mar 23, 2014
Personally, I watch Ima Soko ni Iru Boku because something related to Legendz: Yomigaeru Ryuuou Densetsu (Tale of Dragon King) especially the main character, the same Matsutani Shuuzo, also same series director. I also heard that this anime is somehow dark and psychological. After completed watching it, I can't say it's dark and edgy, or deep psychological. Let's go into it..

Story: 6/10
The story is okay-ish I think, but it went too fast with only 13 episodes, and also the plot was straightforward, no plot twist even heavy one. The story is about Matsutani Shuuzo meeting a mysterious girl named Lala-Ru, then got trapped into another ...
Mar 4, 2014
"Good and Evil are not absolute. It depends on how someone see things. While the point of view shifts, everything else does as well."
-Chou Sensei

Yes, that's what I got from Digimon Tamers. Tamers isn't same like your previous digimon series, its settings are completely different and the content is also different. I can say that Digimon Tamers is the only Digimon series that cling to its original concept. I originally watch it for nostalgia when I was watching on TV when I was just 9 years old. But after I grew up, it really made me surprised of how kids show can become ...
Dec 12, 2013
Pokemon XY (Anime) add
Preliminary (2/93 eps)
At first I wonder why this anime can get such a high score.. I mean, it's just same like before..

First, the Satoshit we know for over a decade continue his adventure through new region called Kalos, with his suddenly being lamed (again) pikachu with no maturation at all. He's just like before, didn't change at all, still being silly, and so on.

Second, now we got a new companion, and interestingly the girls is such Satoshit's... childhood friend? oh okay, but she has nothing interesting, so are the other characters.

Third, team rocket has come back as usual, being blasted off again and again. Nothing ...
Oct 27, 2013
Legendz: Yomigaeru Ryuuou Densetsu is one of anime that I watched when I was around 13 or 15 on my local tv channel, I generally loved it, especially with its hilarious kids comedy like what you see on american cartoon like Looney Tunes, etc. Now I'm 18 and I had a nostalgia with it, so I decided to watch only to remember some aforementioned hilarious moment and also some awesome moments in it. After finish watching it (including CD drama), I found that, the cover of anime is COMPLETELY MISLEADING, with its awkward character design, I thought that it was only focus on its hilarious ...
Oct 26, 2013
Pokemon (Anime) add
Pokemon. Yeah, who doesn't know pokemon? The series where you catch pokemon, battling trainers, and beating gym leaders & champion to be the very best. Yeah, it's so popular. I liked it when I was child, on sunday morning TV show, I got addicted until I had to watch it every week. Now I'm 18 and I began to looked down on it

Story: 3/10
Satoshi (I call him Satoshit) is a typical shounen character who WANNA BE THE VERY BEST. Seriously, what's the reason of it anyway? Why do you want to be the best by doing cockfight and catching animals also make them fight each ...
Oct 25, 2013
Digimon Tamers 1984 is a one-shot light novel and as a prequel of the Digimon Tamers series. The events happened in 1984, 17 years before the Digimon Tamers series take place.

Story: 10/10
The story gives more details about how digimon was first created and how it was developed on the year when computer was still on low technology until the project was cancelled. Quantum physics, communication language, and all about computerization were involved in this project. It also told us how the design of digimon were created, the concepts, growth rate, digital world, and more. This novel really gives us the explanation of the whole ...
Oct 23, 2013
Bakegyamon (Anime) add
Gekifu Bakegyamon, one of anime that I watched when I was 13. It made me nostalgia so I planned to rewatch again. I simply watch only to remember some awesome moments in it, however, after understanding the anime a little deeper, it made me somehow impressed..

Story: 9/10
The story wasn't that promising at the first, people may accuse it like a generic game match, which the MC goes along and eventually win the tournament and his wishes will be granted. It involves the existence of Ayakashi, one of Japanese's mythical creatures being sealed as Gekifu in order to be used in a game called "Bakegyamon". Maybe ...
Jun 23, 2013
Digimon movies are usually related to the series, however this movie is the exception. It has no relationship with the anime series but a remake of the manga Digimon Chronicle, only without involving human in the story, also comes in full 3D CG. Even the story has no interaction of human world. Usually a normal digimon fan will say "No human? That's boring man.."
But I don't think so, digimon is sometimes better without human, so we can only focus with the story and characterization of the digimon, also how they face such a thing..

The background story is about the digital world, where digimon lives ...

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