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Jan 5, 2022
Mixed Feelings
I read this manga for character personality research purposes, so bear that in mind. This review doesn't contain any major spoilers.

The manga's plot progresses rapidly, especially in the beginning. The plot was still easy to follow, so it didn't bother me that much. Everything starts like a regular triangle drama, but after a while the characters reveal their true colors. It's a shame that they don't stay true to their colors in the end.

The manga's strong point is how the plot is structured, and how new things are gradually introduced to the reader. It made the story easy to follow despite the rapid development. ...
Mar 29, 2017
I must warn you at this point: even if this is a children's anime, it is very gory, and has cruel themes going on (starvation, child slaughter, war...). But no sex nor rape, obviously. Many of the monster scenes would be considered way too scary for children today.

As of writing this, only half of the episodes have been subbed. I understand some japanese, so the lack of subtitles wasn't a problem, since the story is quite straightforward. Knowledge of old fashioned and slangy japanese is useful, if you wish to keep up with the characters' lines.


I haven't read the manga, so I didn't have any ...
Mar 15, 2017
Vie Durant (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Vie Durant is not really an animation, but a slideshow for an audiobook. Since it has short episodes, it's an okay way to kill time while doing something else, if you can understand japanese (I couldn't find subtitled episodes online).

The story wasn't anything marvellous, but it wasn't bad either. The plot was quite predictable, and I think the series might have been less detached if there were less characters. The characters didn't have time to develop very far, and many of them were left shallow. The characters were stereotypical, too. If you want your characters to be more memorable, don't name them as letters from ...
Dec 8, 2015
Mushishi (Anime) add
I watched maybe half of this show's episodes many years ago, and left it be. Now I finally got to watch the series again, this time finishing it. I haven't seen the other adaptations yet, nor the manga.

The anime's mood is well built, as the magical and mysterious air is in every episode. It's almost calming, in a way. For the mood alone I could watch this series again. I don't think this anime is for those who like to see a lot of action, since I'd say this is quite slow paced.

What I didn't like about the series, is that so many of the ...
Jan 21, 2015
Mixed Feelings
Before watching this anime, you should be familiar with the history of Shinsengumi and its figures. Otherwise the plot might be a bit confusing and fast.

I don't know much about Hijikata's life, but I could follow the OVA quite well. The plot progressed fast, but not too fast. The info texts between the events were very useful, especially with time skips.

The art style was okay, when considering the length (and probably short budget). The animation worked, though I think the overall style is a bit too simplistic. I did like the fact that the characters were clearly distinguishable, and especially Souji's facial expressions worked well.

I ...
Apr 21, 2014
I like to read violent seinen manga, but sometimes I want to read something light-hearted for a change, so I turn to shoujo. Thus, this review is from someone who doesn't usually read that much shoujo, so it has affected this review and scoring.

I chose to read Red River solely because of the ancient Turkey setting. I wanted to read something that was based on an ancient, middle-eastern culture, and Red River just happened to pop up. I was pleasantly surprised that the setting included ancient Egypt as well, because it fascinates me.

I didn't really expect much from the story, since my experience of shoujo ...
Apr 18, 2014
I'm a fan of Basilisk, and since this is from the same creator, I thought I'd give this manga a shot. Let me warn you though; this manga contains lots of abuse and nudity, so I wouldn't recommend it to people who can't stand such themes.

I didn't have high expectations regarding the art style, because I remember being put off by Basilisk's art in the manga version. The use of photographs and the somehow overly photoshopped feel of the art wasn't to my liking (with Basilisk), but this manga was a pleasant surprise.

I think the artist's style had developed during the making of Basilisk, ...
Oct 19, 2013
Preliminary (106/235 chp)
As a fan of violent and tragic stories, I expected maybe a bit too much from this manga. On paper, Rainbow seemed to be on par with the type of manga I read and liked (like Shamo, Sidooh), but it turned out to be less believable.

The manga focuses first on the lives of youngsters in a juvenile prison, and later on how they cope with the hardships of the outside world. What confused me first was the way that the manga "switched" the main character, but as it went on, I got used to it. I think the manga is supposed to be read from ...
Sep 14, 2013
Kenji (Manga) add
Preliminary (172/202 chp)
Kenji is clearly made for martial arts enthusiasts. It seems as if the plot is only there to make a setting for the martial arts. Often very technique and history-heavy, I found myself skipping some pages or conversations the characters had, because it didn't really contribute to the story. I did like some of the teachers Kenji had, their personality stood out. But unfortunately, all the young female characters seemed shallow and the same.

The good points of this manga were the history (for those who're interested in that stuff), some quirky personalities, the way that the main character matures (art-wise) and the art which ...
Jan 21, 2013
This anime is about the Greek god Hermes, who first tries to rescue Aphrodite and later free Crete from the tyranny of king Minos.

This certainly looks old, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the art. The animation was pleasantly done, though nothing extraordinary. I was pleased to see they had been careful when animating the horses (too many animes have horses that look like big dogs). Stylewise, it was nice to see something off main stream.

I did enjoy the music for the instrumental parts, but I must say the few songs this anime had were awful. The lyrics were really cheesy and ...

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