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Sep 24, 2022
Netoshisu (Anime) add
It's been a little bit! Sorry!! Anyway,

NTR.. a phrase dreaded by most and yet also loved by many others, one that has divided the hentai community since its inception... and also what is now the most regurgitated genre in the modern hentai market! Today's review tackles one of these many generic NTR in the sea of hentai, Netoshisu!

The story:
Netoshisu is about a young boy who is horny and looks for porn, where he finds a girl that looks suspiciously like his sister. Despite this he ends up jerking off to them and cums. Later he finds his sister with some douchebag at the store and ...
Jul 19, 2022
Mixed Feelings
And for the next entry in the -saku series... Isaku: Respect! This is by far my least favourite in the franchise, let me get into why..

The story:
Isaku: Respect is essentially an alternative retelling of the original -saku series, but instead of being from Kenta's POV it's from Kotomi's. The story starts with her receiving a note, and going to the old, abandoned school building (like the original) and then Isaku locks them and starts picking them off one by one.

Now instead of going the route of the original and having a who done it impostor type of deal with who's working with Isaku we instead ...
May 31, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Yet again continuing the -saku series... here's Shusaku Replay! A confusing mess that while enjoyable to watch isn't particularly well written, let me elaborate...

The story:
Starts where the last season ends off, except it doesn't and retcons the ending. This time around Shusaku is actually pretending to be the principal of the academy and takes advantage of the girls like that.

The highlight of the show is still the girls' interactions and the stuff that they do, while the actual writing of the show is rather mediocre.

Much like its predecessor, Shusaku utilizes blackmail sex as its main story component, which would be fine if they actually ...
Apr 5, 2022
Shusaku (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Continuing the -saku series here is Shusaku! A slightly less good show than its predecessor. Let's get into why!

The story:
There's this music academy and a bunch of girls come to attend it in order to strengthen their music abilities. Inside this academy there's a janitor named Shusaku, he's an old fart who picks up information and uses it to blackmail and have sex with the girls at the academy.

Easily the strongest part of the show is the characters as the plot is rather lacking. There are funny moments, sad moments, and in general just enjoyable interactions between a bunch of the characters.

Unfortunately, even with ...
Mar 7, 2022
Isaku (Anime) add
So, I noticed I've pretty much only reviewed shows I dislike, and I wanted to change that so... here's Isaku!

The story:
There's a rumour in Kenta's high school that the creepy old janitor Isaku Itou raped Miyuki's sister, which left one of the buildings boarded up. Soon Kenta, his friends, and the girls get mysterious letters telling them to go to said boarded up building, which they then promptly do assuming it's a prank by Kenta. Slowly but surely girls and guys start disappearing and then sex tapes involving them make the rounds to the remaining girls and guys who stuck together.

It's essentially a kidnapping ...
Jan 18, 2022
"Misuzu: Ikenai Koto" is a steaming pile of garbage, let's get into why!

The story:
Misuzu: Ikenai Koto opens up with our main character, Misuzu, boarding a train with her boyfriend. Once on the train her boyfriend starts to fondle her, but they are soon separated from each other. Once separated some other random dudes molest her.

That's the entire plot, there's actually nothing else in the show it is that uninspired and terrible.

The art/animation:
Misuzu: Ikenai Koto is a show produced by MS Pictures "AniMan" brand who, on average, has pretty poor-quality productions. The animation for this shitfest was handled by Studio 9 MAiami and the show ...
Dec 19, 2021
A 3-month-old Pink Pineapple production with zero reviews that just got subtitled? Yeah, here we go!

The story:
Yamitsuki Pheromone is an adaptation of a manga, the manga in question is a bunch of one-shots compiled together. Because of this Yamitsuki Pheromone is multiple stories told across 2 episodes, and the first of which is about some unpopular kid getting into sensual situations with the hottest girl, trying to masturbate in the bathroom, being found by the most popular girl, and then having sex with her. The second story is about a not very well-behaved guy who really thinks the shy bookworm girl is cute. He confesses ...
Dec 14, 2021
Mixed Feelings
Chizuru-chan Kaihatsu Nikki is a recent Lune production that has rocked the ero world in two separate ways, here are my thoughts on this brand new 6 episode OVA.

The story:
The show opens up with our MC, Chizuru Shiina, being mocked for being a teacher's pet. She has a crush on this hot teacher and decides to stand up for herself in the hallway against some mean (and poorly drawn) bullies. A fat ugly teacher attempts to stop her and the very handsome teacher grabs his arm. Now malding and horny the fat ugly bastard plants evidence of a crime in the hot teacher's desk and ...
Dec 13, 2021
Oh Natsu ga Owaru made.. where have I seen such a pitiful show before? This is yet another generic blackmail hentai, let's get into why it doesn't work...

The story:
Natsu ga Owaru made starts with a fat ugly dude showing a girl pictures of her being naughty with her boyfriend, he then sets up a deal with her where he won't spread these pictures IF she has sex with him. Now I know this might sound far-fetched but guess what happens? If you said "she ends up preferring the fat teacher's dick to her own boyfriends" then you'd be right. The rest of the show is ...
Nov 22, 2021
Mixed Feelings
I remember being very excited when ZiZ announced this show on their website as a new entry to the Taimanin-verse is always welcomed in my eyes, however, Shiranui ended up being rather disappointing to me. Let's get into why!

The story:
Taimanin Shiranui opens up with recap of the Taimanin Yukikaze box-set special that looked absolutely fucking abysmal which isn't really a good way to start the show. After the recap we see Yukikaze's dead body decapitated with her mother, Shiranui, standing above it covered in blood. Shiranui is then told she will be given a reward for her good job which happens to be about 18 ...

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