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Mar 22, 2017
Story: 6
The story revolves around a NEET girl and a perfect school president (a genre that has DEFN not been explored before). Then afterwards we find out the prince is actually a self-absorbed asshole who is the heir to the yakuza (another plot that has DEFN not been done before). The events that follow are the president's attempts to woo the NEET, after she learns about his alternate identity. Overall, even though its a overused and frankly not original plot line, it still provides a decent amount of humor and roasting moments. But I wouldn't say the story is original.
Art: 7
The art wasn't like blowing read more
Mar 10, 2016
Honestly I have never seen any of the previous Lupin the thirds, but I can tell you this anime is absolutely stunning. Something I looked forward to every week, when it was airing.

Story: 9
The anime jumps from its one episode driven story to its overarching italian dream story. I enjoyed every single solo episode, thrilling, exciting, and overall masterpieces for style and the audacity Lupin brings to the table. When Lupin wasn't present, the characters still shined with their own unique personalities. Each episode had a small storyline or mystery to solve, and Lupin pretty much owned the stage every episode he was in. The read more
Jan 2, 2016
This manga is pretty bad. It's a story about a girl who moves in with the popular kids (who are treated like celebrities inside and outside of school).

Story: 4
The flaws in this story are prevalent, and its hard to see how the love interest actually develops. One moment theres a rival, next moment everyone hates the main character. Its pretty rocky and annoying to see our main character get so much hate for practically nothing (But hey theres a happy ending?).

Art: 7
I usually cant find any flaws in the art of mangas, hence why i give them all high scores. But this one was read more
Sep 27, 2015
This manga is becoming more and more enjoyable, with its ridiculous comedy with the male nurse, BL jokes, and a hilariously awkward camera hobby.

Story - 8
The story revolves around the MC's obsession with his camera (Tamaki Daiji), and one day he comes across a girl on the roof (Hazuki Kanon). And he starts recording her? (lolwhat) Anyway he skips out on lunch to go see her in the nurse's office where she slacks off regularly. Well he starts recording her, while she is sucking her thumb. (she needs something in her mouth all the time or something happens (carries around lollipops)) Anyway Hazuki is surprised, read more
May 28, 2015
So basically this is just more Naruto! This time the war is over you get some nostalgia with all the new children. 5 chapters in and I am pretty sure I can predict what enjoyment I will get out of it.

Story: 7
I mean when they finished Naruto I thought it was over, but really anything at this point is stretching the drawn out timeline, so it really doesn't deserve more than 7. But who came here for the story? Lets be honest this is the amazing Naruto kickstarted again

Plot Preview: (NOT REALLY SPOILERS but you need to know at-least the start of this new arc) read more