Mar 10, 2016
ChubbyGoat (All reviews)
Honestly I have never seen any of the previous Lupin the thirds, but I can tell you this anime is absolutely stunning. Something I looked forward to every week, when it was airing.

Story: 9
The anime jumps from its one episode driven story to its overarching italian dream story. I enjoyed every single solo episode, thrilling, exciting, and overall masterpieces for style and the audacity Lupin brings to the table. When Lupin wasn't present, the characters still shined with their own unique personalities. Each episode had a small storyline or mystery to solve, and Lupin pretty much owned the stage every episode he was in. The dream story was rather confusing, and takes away from the other episodes, but it still allowed Lupin to shine through with his character so it only brought the score down to a 9.

Art: 10
The womens' hair, oh my god, the colors are amazing. The animation was smooth. Every character had their own distinct art and distinct identity with the art.

Sound: 10
Everything was on point. The soundtrack was classy and reminiscent of Italy. This 4th blue jacket nailed it.

Character: 10
Although sometimes the characters were bound to a certain emotion. Jigen with fear/nervousness, Goemon for his honor, etc... Those emotions were done spectacularly and when they had episodes centered around them. And Lupin himself brought the whole show together, his entire aura was great for the series as a whole.

Enjoyment: 10
You will be laughing or thinking deeply every moment. I loved probably every second of the anime, and sometimes the clever plot twists made you smile at the end of the day.

Overall: 10
Even if you have not watched the previous 100+ Lupin episodes, this Italian arc is a masterpiece on its own.