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Jun 27, 2015

The movie is enjoyable in reliving the strengths of our favourite characters and shows their capabilities in adapting based on Sibyl system continuous progression for evolution. The story allows the viewer to get a glimpse of the characters' improvements and strengths that speak volumes of their years of experience.

However, the storyline played an unfamiliar tune.

Psycho-Pass season 1 and 2 focused on individuals that brought forward an opposition against the system. By exploring a world where we are introduced to the different types of people accepted or denied by the society, we are treated with a myriad of perspectives and social psychological warfare. It was read more
Oct 2, 2012
If you've completed watching Sora wo Miageru Shoujo no Hitomi ni Utsuru Sekai and looking to Tenjou-jin to Akuto-jin Saigo no Tatakai as a source of new footage, then you better turn around, because this movie has absolutely NO NEW FOOTAGE from the ending you see in the series. There was only this brief moment in the ending where they just showed Munto in the human world overlooking the 3 girls and Yumemi notices. It lasts for only 5 seconds, and that's the only difference you'll get, besides the opening. (which sorts of explains why Munto was missing at the end of the series when read more
Oct 1, 2011
This Ginga Bishounen really spiced up my days during its times.

To be frank, I kinda contemplated watching this show because the promotional picture of the series had lots of girls flaunting over the only-two guys there, and my preferences-wise, I'd prefer a non-harem show (all-girls and all-boys alike) with loads of action, adventure with that sprinkle of lovely romance (shounen anime, to be exact). And Star Driver is just that.

It's funny, now that I think back. The element that kinda made me continue watching this anime was because of the Galactic Pretty Boy transformation. Takuto is just so swag, it takes a real man to read more
Oct 1, 2011

Before taking on Sacred Seven, I’ve read of many critiques about it. Though there were a minority number of people who liked/loved the anime, there was a majority of those who did not. Even on YouTube, when I took a glance at their opening song by FictionJunction, comments stated that the Stone Cold awesomeness didn’t complement the awful plot Sacred Seven had.

Well, that was what I heard, but decided to take it on anyway.

I must say that the anime wasn’t that bad. Certainly, it wasn’t those kind that will make one go WOW! or OMG! type of read more