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Jun 27, 2011
I don't know what made me watch this show. I really shouldn't have. I could think of a hundred much better ways of spending 288 minutes of my life (at least one of which would be thinking of 99 other ways), other than watching this awful pedophilia-themed snore-inducing train wreck of a show. Some spoilers to follow, should you care.

Story: 1
You see that summary up at the top of the page? That's the entire plot. There is no development at all besides what is in that paragraph. Naoya, the 23 year old guy who looks like he's about 14 and is voiced by a girl, ...
Apr 12, 2011
Oh boy. So I watched this a while ago, so I may have forgotten a bit about what happened in terms of story... er... well, I think, anyhow.

Story: 1

Yeah so, there's not actually any story in this. I know, sue me, but there's storytelling in the dialogue, should you be inclined to follow it. I'll warn you though, it's deeper than the subsonic frequencies produced in the Mariana Trench while watching Boku no Pico. It's harder to follow than a blind and deaf man in a pitch-black labyrinth while drunk, dizzy, and inexplicably blindfolded. Or maybe I'm just not smart enough to figure it out. ...
Jul 25, 2010
This show was so hyped up. For a year before its release, floods of fanart, teaser videos, even cosplay, were everywhere. Then it finally comes out and is probably the most disappointing thing I've seen in a long time. It's probably going to get high ratings just because it has forced popularity, but don't be fooled. Here's the what and the why. Spoilers, of course.

Story: 2
Awesome promo art, a catchy song, cool fight scenes, and what does the story end up as? A slow-building, slow-moving school drama. It's not even interesting. Basically, the main character Mato becomes friends with a Yomi girl. Mato then becomes ...
Apr 1, 2010
Saikano is awkward. Extremely awkward. And not even in a good way. I watched this series basically over the course of two days, and I have to say if I hadn't just kept watching it, I probably would not have bothered to finish it (unfortunately, I did.) Let me explain why.


Story: 3
If I was able to make any recommendation across media, I would definitely say this show reminded me a lot of Nitro+'s visual novel Saya no Uta. For those of you not familiar with it, it's a somewhat gory and sexually explicit short story ...
Feb 17, 2010
Preliminary (7/12 eps)
Sora no Woto is a show that tries to do a lot at once. It isn't just a moeblobs show, and it's not just about fighting. It looks like a regular World War II setting at first, but as you continue to watch you learn it's actually a future setting, where life is scarce, systems of writing and music have been forgotten, and the resulting setting is a mashup of many, many cultures, probably at this point, indistinguishable from one another to the characters.

Story: 8
The story lacks a forward direction. However, for that reason, as you begin to understand why things are going on, ...
Jan 21, 2010
Preliminary (3/12 eps)
Okay, so Dance in the Vampire Bund. Or Bland, as I call it. First off, I had to look up what a bund was, because I thought I was missing something. Turns out I wasn't. It's just bad. I won't just stop there though, I will explain in detail why I think it's bad.

Story: 3
Imagine if you will, the most painfully generic and dreadful story you can think of. Take what's chic. Vampires, right? Yeah, I mean, everybody loved Twilight, right? They'll like it even more now! Since you know, vampire shows haven't been beaten to death since the 1931 film version of Dracula. The ...
Dec 23, 2009
11eyes (Anime) add
Visual novel adaptations, in my experience, tend to range from very good to very bad. 11eyes has done the impossible and achieved both at once.

Having just finished the last episode, I have to say, it looks like the animators just ran out of time when they were trying to complete the show, but still had about 30% of the game's text to cover in a mere 22 minutes.


Story: 6/10
It's not a unique storyline. Boy and friends get pulled into parallel universe where they fight various monsters for an unknown objective. It's been done before, but was much better in Final Fantasy Tactics ...
Dec 14, 2009
Bottle Fairy, cleverly disguised as a lighthearted and innocent comedy about four small fairies discovering the world around then and learning to become humans, also hides a dark side that may not be readily apparent.

The man known only as 'Sensei-san' keeps these fairies in bottles on his desk. If you're like me, the first thing you think of is the Legend of Zelda, and you wonder if he sacrifices the fairies to restore his own life. Rather than that though, he uses them as his own personal harem, taking advantage of Stockholm Syndrome, causing a prisoner to develop affection for their hostage-taker.

Furthermore, Sensei-san ...

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