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Aug 26, 2013
If you liked the first season, then you will like this season twice as much. While the first season introduced the main cast, this season expands on their stories and answers some of the unanswered questions posed initially.

So far we haven't found all of the 8 holders of the jewels but are getting pretty damm close. It's kinda weird that looking for them is kinda like a side-thing but this doesn't hurt the story at all. I am very happy that we get to find out more about the characters' past. It makes the story seem more complex, like the characters are all linked read more
Jul 19, 2012
Ok so I'm just a yaoi fan girl like most of the girl who read this manga but let me tell you one thing before you anti-yaoi anime lovers dismiss this as another waste of time and a useless piece that is tainting the manga genre. Forget everything that you have seen or heard about the yaoi genre. Forget that this story has a shounen-ai tag. Imagine yourself finding this manga by chance and thinking that this will be a great slice of life story to pass time. As you read, you will realize that this is not simply a tale to satisfy the read more