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Jul 3, 8:28 AM
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Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
Jun 7, 3:59 AM
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Rosario to Vampire
Rosario to Vampire
Jun 3, 8:05 AM
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Sword Art Online: Girls Ops
Sword Art Online: Girls Ops
May 2, 3:17 AM
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Hana to Hirari
Hana to Hirari
Jan 25, 3:49 PM
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Awfully Damn Kiss and Hug
Awfully Damn Kiss and Hug
Jan 22, 2:29 PM
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Rainbow Jul 5, 10:16 AM
how tall are you? they probs wont be that much taller than you LOOL, it kinda felt like changbin and i were the same height even though im only 5'4... ^^;

NOOOOO I'M SORRY TO HEAR T_T sucks that you couldnt go to the london show, but at least the paris one is available :c how come your mom wont let you go alone? maybe you could bring her with you? LOL
Rainbow Jun 6, 8:44 AM
ahhh the original plan was to get a group photo ticket but they instantly sold out online and i resorted to calling to buy my tickets. they had an option on the line to buy the best available seats, so i did that and ended up getting p2 tickets ^^; (hi-touch) i really did want a photo with them but at least i got the next best thing *sob sob*
A LOT OF THEM ARE ACTUALLY NOT THAT TALL LOOL like obvs changbin but, i pictured some of them to be much taller. their hands were small though like felix’s was p much the same size as me if i remember correctly??

Rainbow May 22, 10:58 AM
yeah LMAOO tbh i love sitting concerts bc having to stand for 2+ hours gets tiring ;; but the stray kids concert was AMAZING OMG. I wasn’t at the very front since I had P2 tickets, but I was still pretty close to the front!
these were some of the vids i took ;w; also the hi-touch at the end !! which now that i finally know what a hi-touch is like, i don’t wanna do it again LOOL. okay, being able to see them super upclose is nice and all but they don’t let you record it and they rush you through every member so you can’t really say much or enjoy the moment for that long. T_T Like with their 9 members, it felt like the whole thing lasted for 6-ish seconds, and I pretty much only said “I love you (name)”, except with Felix I said “Felix, I love you SO SO much” KSJKSJSK

one of my friends who lives in chicago wants them to go there too, so I’ll be praying for them to visit Chicago & Madrid some day~~
Rainbow May 10, 1:43 PM
really? :o i think all the concerts ive been to have been seated LOL less chaotic that way (but less room to get hyped) though i think stray kids's concert is gonna be standing
$500 daaamn, tbh i feel like most concert merch is low effort, like they just slap the group's logo with the concert date on a shirt and sell it for $50 T_T istg they were selling 3 buttons for $15 and i was just like okay no thanks

yup, already got the tickets! there's gonna be a hi-touch too so i'm super excited for that
Rainbow May 8, 1:26 PM
these are prob the only decent looking pics i took LOL

trueee concert merch can be really cute, but omg they're hella expensive. like the only thing i got was a t-shirt and that was $40.
my fave was prob 0 mile at the end since they were having a blast with it being the last song and johnny kept yelling "yeehaw" kfhkajfhj
Rainbow May 8, 1:04 PM
i've been great ! also the nct concert was so amazing omg,,, my seat wasnt super close to the stage so i couldnt get good pictures of them without lighting being an issue rip T_T
Rainbow Apr 27, 4:56 PM
thank youuuu i’ll be sure to send pics hehe
how’ve you been?
szny Apr 26, 7:36 AM
oh, which ones? I'm interested!
The second one I have in my ptw, the first I'm adding. Will hopefully get to them asap.
About the third rec, I watched the non-animated version years back and remember really loving it, although I've forgotten the details. The anime version has been laying around in my ptw for a while now, need to get to it soon surely.
Also, have you watched the Kyoukai no Kanata movie? If you have, is it worth it? I finished the series years back but haven't gotten to the movie yet, because idk if it's any good.
Kuroko-chan Apr 26, 6:30 AM
From the videos is great, but that's really not the case. The country is beautiful, but the leaders of the country are idiots and the coruption is very big, and there are a lot of poor people. If we were to have leaders who actually cared about the country, I bet our country would've been much more rich.
Rainbow Apr 24, 2:00 PM
I always see a mixed bag. Some people say the first year is hard while the second is easier since you’re used to everything, but others say the opposite bc of harder classes. ig they can both just agree that uni’s a struggle 🤣
It’s on May 19th for me! I’m also going to see NCT in less than 11 days with my friend ♡
InzDragonblood Apr 24, 11:34 AM
Asirpa!! I need my 3rd season :c you should start Tate or would wait till it ends?

is @kingnothing_db so you should go follow and like the 2 posts then active notifications lol, to be honest the drawings arent the big deal and i have no internet on phone so wont post more xD tell me your id to follow you too hahaha xD
szny Apr 24, 7:57 AM
Haha. Well, all of my favourite movies I'd easily recommend, if you haven't watched them yet.
Any you'd recommend??
Kuroko-chan Apr 24, 4:21 AM
Well, unlike other countries, my country have less to no pollution in some areas.
And yeah, the fresh air is soooo good and healthy, and the nature is beautiful.
Kuroko-chan Apr 23, 2:43 PM
Hey, I'm back, I'm sooo tired, but I'm gonna tell you what my new job is about since I told you I'm gonna do this.
So, the company I work at is called CGS (Computer Generated Solutions) and the department I'm working in is called Customer Adviser With English on the AOL (America Online) section, so the Customer Adviser With English department is a department where we receive phone calls from customers from USA with different problems with their computers or network, etc and we give them solutions and try to help them with their problems, like resetting their password, credit card problems, technical support, etc, and we also need to sell them something like a software, or an anti-virus or a program or something like that before the call is ended. I'm still on the training session, I just started on 15th this month, and the training session lasts for 5 weeks. I'm still a trainee there, so I didn't started to receive calls yet, that will happen in the last 2 weeks of the training, but in the first 3 weeks we're teach how to use the programs and how we should act and what to say and what not to say to the clients and how to help hem, etc, you know, basic stuff like that. Tbh, I really like how this sounds, it's an interesting job, and all you need to do is talk with people and help them and sell them something, and the payment it's also way bigger than the payment that was at the last place where I used to work, and unlike there, here we also receive bonuses and if we stay night hours, or extra hours, we're payed double.
I also moved out and I'm living on my own. I used to live with my parents, but since this job is in another city, I had to move and I'm really happy with this. Yeah, it's hard at first, but I got used to it already, I coock for myself, I clean myself, I do the shopping myself, I do the chores myself, I use my own money to pay the rent and the utilities and the internet, and the best thing is that there's nobody to nag at me or to annoy me, and the place I'm renting is really nice and in the weekends I get to see an AWESOME sunset. It's like in those beautiful Pinterest pictures. It's mesmerizing.
Oh, I forgot to mention that my job starts in the afternoon, and it ends at night, so it's awesome that I don't have to wake up early and go to bed early, since I like to stay up until like 1 or 2 AM, and I really hate to wake up early.
Honestly, I couldn't ask for a beter job that this. Now I feel like I'm actually living.
If you're curious to see the city I'm living in, here's a video about it
But, I live in the more modernized part of the city.
This city is the city where I went to college and it's one of the most popular cities in my country known for a good tourist experience. It's really nice to visit.
Here's another video where you can see Brasov and the surroundings
I actually went to visit with my family and friends most of those places. I went there last year, and it was a really awesome experience. I will never forget it.
And here's a video in romanian about love and heart, and it shows a lot of places in Brasov, like on the street and stuff like that
I also went to a lot of the places that were shown in the video, I went there when I was still in college, I went there with friends and classmates since it was close to my college, like a 30 minutes walk, or so.
Btw, sorry, for making this long text with videos, hahaha. I hope you went through it all, with the videos aswell. I just wanted to show you all of this.
Rainbow Apr 23, 12:38 PM
aaa super understandable :( i might run into the same struggle in a couple months when i enter uni LOL (or a year after?)
girl same, i do that with SOOO many groups and i'm tired of it... thinking about just sticking to the groups i stan now and any other group i run into, i'll just be a casual fan.