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Dec 13, 2015
As always my reveiw will be short and simple, much like this anime.

Gokicha!! Cockroach Girl! Is very short only 2 episodes at 8 minutes each, it is "ongoing" but episodes haven't been released in awhile so this anime might have died out.

The animation is extremely simple and almost made me stop watching, the few action scenes were looped or at least seemed that way, the characters rarely moved their mouths to speak.

I feel the basic idea behind the anime is great, viewing the world from from a cockroaches perspective was very interesting and kinda funny sometimes.

There doesn't seem to be a central story but since read more
Nov 21, 2015
Okay so first off I only started watching school days because everybody said it was horrible, little did I know they weren't talking about school days being a bad anime it was actually decent for its genre.

WARNING I thought this was a sweet love story at first no just no it's not, if your looking for a nice laid back romance like I was, ITS A TRAP leave now do not watch school days, By the time you realize what school days really is you've devoted too much of your time to turn back.

The first episodes were sweet, then for some reason it took a read more
Oct 26, 2015
Mass effect is one of the most in depth gaming universes out there, and paragon lost certainly honors that heritage. To understand this anime you must play the games first or you will be lost. The anime builds on the background of James Vega, one of your companions from mass effect 3, playing the game you build a sense of comradery with him and he tells you one of his war stories, and paragon lost builds upon hist tale. It's one thing to hear it told in the game, but now you can watch it all unfold and truly understand the difficulty of his decision.

The read more
Oct 23, 2015
Toradora is an emotional roller coaster never before have I seen an anime that made me care so much about the characters, im usually pretty cold and hard to reach but toradora broke down my walls. I could really sympathize whith taiga, since I had similar family issues.

The beginning drags on without any real direction but after the first few episodes it really takes off, keep in mind that this is a drama so by take off I mean the feelings start flowing.

The characters slowly grow on you people you thought you hated at the start will become people you actually care about.

The ending was read more
Oct 17, 2015
Daily lives of high school boys is A nice lighthearted comedy

There is no real central story, however time does progress as you get further into the anime.

The anime starts out simply hilarious but later on starts to become slightly more serious

I particularly liked how the anime was able to capture the simple yet funny aspects of everyday life.

As a guy I can confirm that at the very least 75% of this (or something similar) actually does happen.

my personal favorite bit is the "literary girl" segment I just love the complete awkwardness of it all.

In short this is a great anime to just read more
Oct 14, 2015
Certainly different from both the manga, and anime. I'd recommend this to only hardcore trinity seven fans who want to learn all they can about the characters and the story.

I suggest reading the book after everyone gets back from the floating library as this is set just afterwards and will not contain any spoilers after that point.

The translation I read was kinda rough and some parts didn't translate to English well but still a great story.

The book adds a background for the characters that don't already have one, basically what life was like before they met Arata, and is told from the trinity sevens point read more
Oct 13, 2015
The specials have almost nothing to do with the main series at all, the story is nearly nonexistent.

if you only care about the story Feel free to skip these episodes, however if all you want is hot chicks losing their clothing this is the show for you.

I think there was one episode where it showed the main character perfecting his stripping move but that's really the only episode that had anything to do with the story...

Sorry if I'm spacing this out but the review has to be a certain length and theres not a lot to say about the specials.

I mean there really read more
Oct 13, 2015
Trinity seven is an amazing anime, one which will cause you to go into otaku overdrive and watch every episode, including ova, and read the entire manga in one day so make sure your stocked up on energy drinks.

Trinity seven is similar to high school DxD in many ways (definitely less ecchi though) so if you enjoyed DxD you will love trinity seven.

The first episode is kinda a mind fuck but just stick with it they'll explain it all soon enough.

It was kinda refreshing to have a main character in a harem anime that respects boundaries, he teases but you know he'd never take read more