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Jan 30, 2013
Erotic Horror (Manga) add
With the title you'd think that this Manga will be about Sex and the Supernatural -- it is not. I'd say it will be more on Romantic-Supernatural-Horror.

Art will be okay since pages are in b/w. I cannot really say more about it.

Chapter 1: Fallen Women - The price people pay for beauty. Simple story and a little predictable.

Chapter 2: Rose Colored Happiness - Good twist in the middle but lacking in basis for the ending. Ending felt rushed and kinda confusing.

Chapter 3: Hotaru is Waiting - Light-kinda comedy with a bittersweet ending. Very nicely done (aww, shucks!)

Chapter 4: Shinigami Shiiku - The only ...
Jan 28, 2013
I have not really thought much about the animes I watch. There are some I loved, some I just liked and some that I just found A-OK. I mean, all were meant to entertain and I appreciate every single one of them.

Now, how I wish all of them would be as good as this one.

Aoi Bungaku is divided into 6 stories and each one of them has its own charm. Each has its own style of art and it makes the story unique on a different level.

Story #1 : No Longer Human - This may be the darkest of all the stories, and is the ...
Jan 1, 2013
Another (Anime) add

It's like Final Destination meets Battle Royale.

I score everything an 8.

The plot revolves around a curse on Class 3 of a middle school where there appears to be always an extra student in the roster but the people cannot figure out who it is. Once the curse starts, a lot of people die. The only solution they could think of is to treat one student as if he/she does not exist. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. And this time around, it did not work.

Pretty interesting. It started off a little slow at first since characters were still being introduced. We have Kouichi and ...
Dec 30, 2012
K (Anime) add

I must admit that I almost stopped watching this anime after seeing 2-3 episodes. The only thing that made me watch it every week was the cool art. The animation was awesome! I am glad that I continued with it because I liked this anime a lot!

Story: 8 - It was confusing at the beginning. I actually had trouble grasping where it was headed to. After the first half, it got better and the story began to unfold. Simple though it may be, I don't have any complaints. Kings vs Kings and Subordinates vs Subordinates. Ending was unexpectedly poignant.

Art: 9 - Like I said, ...
Dec 26, 2012

I'll take a jab on one of the most hated/loved animes I've seen here in MAL.

1st Arc: 9 / 2nd Arc: 7

My Overall Score: 8

My thoughts on the 1st Arc :

- It had a very interesting plot. Since I have not watched any other anime with a virtual reality theme, there is nothing to compare it to.
Sep 28, 2012
Mixed Feelings
With a different sounding title, apparently Italian, I was expecting a dark and action-packed anime. What I got was slow, cheesy, unfocused, and overly dramatic storytelling.

Powers involving the cards from a Tarot deck seemed promising; A duel to decide who will rule the whole clan was intriguing. I felt cheated after watching the whole thing. The best parts of the anime might just be the 1st and last episodes.

To give it credit, the Art was very good since everything was well-drawn. OP, ED and BGM are just okay. Characters - now I wanted to love the characters but with all the unnecessary stuff going ...
Sep 25, 2012

Abso-freaking-lutely one of the best there is!! Doing a review and scoring it a 10 would still not do this anime justice.

OP, ED and BGM are perfect and everything were in sync. The music makes every scene and every movement more exciting!

Fast-paced story made me so impatient for the next episode! Funny and fascinating characters made me love every one of them - no point in taking sides. Art was simply awesome - smooth and slick.

Boys and Basketball - what more can a girl ask for? -- Answer: a 2nd season!!

Sep 24, 2012

Now I know what the buzz is all about. I was always curious about what Code Geass is and who this Lelouch character who is oftentimes compared to Light of Death Note.

I score everything a 10, except for the music, which I give a 9. 2nd OP and ED songs were better but it's the BGM that really captivates.

Art was beautiful; characters are diverse - never boring and the Mechas were kick-ass!

To keep it short, this is probably one of the best animes I've ever watched. Some animes start off real good but then falls apart in the end. Code Geass never faltered one ...
Jul 17, 2012

I said it before and I will say it again: Nurarihyon is a very sexy Yokai! In Season 2, we even get 3 Nurarihyon! woohoo!

Anyway, i'll make this short. In my opinion, Season 2 is better. I know I scored them the same but I guess i like the theme of the story here.

Season 1 concentrated on the intros and character build-up. Season 2 will be more action, some background/history and more characters. If season 1 was kinda light/funny, season 2 is all business since it is more serious.

The Good:
- Nura Rihan, Nura Rikuo, Nurarihyon
- All Action, Less Kana
Jun 23, 2012
I'm surprised to see that there are no reviews for this anime. I might as well be the first (and maybe the only one) to write one.

Main Characters: Amemiya Akira and Kaname

Story: 8 - the story revolves around Akira - a beautiful, self-centered boy who thinks and acts like he is God's gift to women. He goes around screwing girls and he does not even care or show any emotions. In the series, it is said that Akira goes both ways, though we only see him having sex with girls - and maybe 1 guy at the beginning but this was not shown. He has ...

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