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Sep 8, 2016
I don't normally find myself writing a review for an anime unless it blows me away or disappoints me. Unfortunately, Soul Eater was the latter. Don't misunderstand me, this is not a terrible anime. What it does right, it does RIGHT. However, I want to still say this clearly:

Soul Eater disappointed me to no end.

The art and the fights are unique and worth watching. The setting is a fresh twist on your normal high school background. The characters, they're all very unique in personality, quirks, and weaponry. These things are done well. Really well. They deserve all the credit they can get.

The flaws, however, really read more
Aug 31, 2014
No Game No Life . . .

The title says it all.

The series is one that suffers only from being so short. Things haven't quite played out at the end and it leaves you with the bad taste of waiting.

However, the series delivers in all forms without utilizing some of the elements that some greats like Steins;Gate, Madoka or Death Note used.

In short, it immediately takes away the sense of urgency.

This isn't to say that there is no urgency in the series, there is. However, the story immediately takes away the idea that people will die or be mortally wounded. In the process, it read more
Apr 5, 2013
Where do I start?

Perhaps I'll start with the good. IS is a story about the luckiest boy in the world. It's a guy, Ichika, who lands in a school of mecha-wielding girls who have raging hormones. It has it's funny times and the action isn't half bad. Plus, a few characters can provide a really good laugh in awkward situations.

That's about all I could say though.

Infinite Stratos wasn't the right name for this series. There were two better that I was thinking of:

Infinite Tsundere
Infinite Fanservice

Allow me to go into detail.

Infinite Tsundere:

Every supporting girl's personality takes a dip in all parts of tsundere personality. One girl read more
Apr 4, 2013
I'll try my best to justify this rating without spoiling the show.

If you're viewing reviews for the second season of Phi Brain, chances are that you've seen the first season. So, you know what it's all about.


Yes, there is a lot of puzzle-related stuff going on in the series and, to a degree, it's like Yu-Gi-Oh when it comes to puzzles.

Season One stands to reinforce that statement

However, while the 2nd Season could stand to do the same, it also negates it.

The second season IS better than the first. Heck, the main antagonist is even a better villain than Rook was. Kaito is seriously challenged in read more
Feb 27, 2013
To start my review, let me say that I don't necessarily hate Arcana Famiglia.

I simply hate the payoff I got for watching it. Which was absolutely nothing.

The entire series looks as if it is building for this tournament that has been set to decide who will be the new leader of the Family and marries the boss' daughter.

In the first episode, you get some immediate development in the relationship between father and daughter plus daughter and coworkers. To add, there are some pretty nice powers being used and an awesome mysterious character with an awesome name looming in the background (Jolly). So, when the series read more
Feb 27, 2013
K (Anime) add (All reviews)
K can be a dread to describe for some anime fans.

Some will describe it as a droll series which takes forever to pick up. Others will describe it as an artistic masterpiece that constantly builds suspense.

However, I've noticed that most won't describe it for what it really is: intricate. In fact, I noticed that the story tends to fly over some people because of that intricacy. What starts off as a "whodunit" story takes off as a suspenseful action drama. The twists and turns are pretty nice and even shocking.

K contains a well-written story. In the beginning, it strings you along with random events, seemingly read more