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Apr 7, 2011
FLCL (Anime) add (All reviews)
Story: 8
Middle school, a period of uncertainty, immaturity, boredom, and all out hell. I'm sure we all have some pleasant memories of this time in our life, but I think for the most part was pure and utter insanity. This is where FLCL begins, a boy, Naota, whose life is bland and surrounded by an endless fog from an iron shaped factory.
Then in comes a woman riding a yellow scooter who whacks him over the head with an electric guitar and promptly moves in with him and his perverted father and grandfather.
Welcome to hell- er I mean, puberty Naota.
And so continues this story read more
Apr 21, 2010
Kino’s Journey

Story: 8
Being a largely episodic series the plot is easily identifiable. It is about Kino’s many journeys through a very strange and at times demented world. She is frequently faced with a moral question and I’ve always been impressed with how this series handled it.
The plot is simple at first glance, but Kino’s actual background is covered in two separate episodes, both of which I was very glad for the insight into who she is and was amazingly well written. There was also one two episode plot halfway through which I thoroughly enjoyed as it was action packed and exciting.
A read more
Apr 7, 2010
Story: 8
I was very surprised by this anime with how deep the plot was in only twelve episodes. Many of the twists I didn’t see coming. Generator Gawl’s story starts out slow but it was fast enough to keep you interesting in what was going to happen next. My two problems with this series are firstly that the first half of the series could have had a bit more plot development than it did rather than a monster of the week show. Secondly the School Festival episode was entirely useless. It had a little plot development but it could have been spread between the first read more
Feb 24, 2010
Story: 9
On first appearance, School Rumble doesn't have a story, but this slice of life actually does and it is; 'everyone is in love with the wrong person and they are all a raving pack of morons.' There you go, that is the plot. This show is simply one gag after another with drama that's really just getting you ready for another gag. Many story elements make no sense, so don't even try. The purpose of the show is fun, nothing more. Now how did a slice of life, with such a simple premise, and a just-for-fun attitude get a read more
Feb 9, 2010
Story: 7, Art: 9, Sound: 9, Character: 9, Overall: 8
I can't say the storyline is really unique or special, but it was an interesting twist on an old theme. There were some clever lines that made me laugh and overall it was an enjoyable distraction. The art was at the same level as the best of the Shippuden episodes. The fights were very well done as they seem to be in all the movies. As far the original characters of the movie, well none of them stood out, they all felt like drab filler characters. It was amusing, and I read more
Feb 7, 2010
Story: 9, Art: 8, Sound: 9, Character: 10, Overall: 9
This ONA was incredibly witty, I think I laughed every single episode. It was kept very compact and well paced making every four minute story seem much longer than it really was. The art was of course chibi but very smooth. The backgrounds were oddly well done which I didn't expect from just a simple extra to a main series. Voice acting was superb. Music was appropriate for comedy's sake. I loved how it seemed to develop every character's other side, especially Yuki's "pastimes". A must watch whether you've read more
Feb 4, 2010
Story: 8
I'm writing this review with great fear and trepidation. In the end I'll either get shot by those who behead anyone who insults Haruhi, and on the other I'll get shot by the people who are simply overreacting giving this show a 1. Let me start off with the fact that the story was superb! The writing didn't drop at all in quality. The second season instead gave us far more insight into Haruhi's character and mysterious forces working behind her. Her powers were shown to a much greater extent as well. It is really quite amazing how read more
Feb 2, 2010
Story: 3, Art: 7, Sound: 9, Character: 7, Overall: 7
Lol is really all I can say when it comes to the writing in this ONA for the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. It somehow makes "Nyoro-n" the punchline for everything, and still be funny! It's funny and creative, but it's like it was written up when everyone had the midnight giggles and were bored to tears.
The art is smooth but not detailed. Voice acting is perfect since it's still the cast of the main series. The music is simple but appropriate. Characters are all hilarious and enjoyable. But read more
Jan 29, 2010
Story: 8
The strong part of the series is indeed the plot. I mean it's a about a territory war between bears and dogs. You can't get much more epic. The first seven episodes, though they are necessary backstory, the real excitement doesn't come til afterwards and I really would've rather they been 4 episodes instead.
Once the plot started rolling it gets very interesting. The series doesn't have ups and downs in excitement. It just gradually builds up until the final grand showdown.
I suppose the only real thing about the writing that annoyed me was that there read more
Jan 26, 2010
Story: 10, Art: 9, Sound: 8, Character: 8, Overall: 9
The plot has to be the best yet written for a movie. My first anime film not done by Miyazaki showed me that there are more than just one genius Japanese film makers out there. It goes at an easy pace but never felt slow. I was really surprised how time travel was kept very simple and unconfusing. Somehow it all made sense. The art would be perfect, if it weren't for some of the very slopily made shots. However I think those shots did help give the show it's read more