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Jan 22, 2008
I felt this series could have been much better. There was a lot of potential to have good character development and an interesting story, but six episodes just didn't do it. The synopsis of the series sounded compelling, but the "magical accident" is little more than a one-line myth designed to explain away something the writers clearly couldn't think of a better reason for. The same with the story between Cesilia and Falis. The connection between the two is weak and cliche...which is something I found myself saying about the plot in general as well. It was very predictable. read more
Jan 5, 2008
This series would have been better if I didn't feel like I'd "seen it all before." The idea of a "bounty hunter" character who often ends up broke and refuses to kill reminds me of Trigun. Each of the characters within the story reminded me of some character in another story. And every single person in this manga had some kind of tragic past that made them who they were. This wouldn't have bothered me nearly so much if I didn't feel like everything was just glossed over...only mentioned because the writer felt they needed to explain everything. The mangaka read more