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Mar 24, 2017
There’s no questioning how popular the cute girls doing cute things genre is and I can see why, for some people (me included) it is a very effective way to relax. Due to this popularity, many series of this genre exist out there, most them having a twist or two to differentiate themselves from each other but still having the same core. However, Urara Meirochou not only adds twists to differentiate itself from others, but it also takes the existing mold and adds a lot more to it.

Urara Meirochou takes place in a traditional Japanese town of fortune tellers (uraras) called Meirochou, where the four ...
Sep 23, 2016
Amanchu! (Anime) add
Simple yet beautiful, that is how I would describe Amanchu. There are a ton of slice of life shows out there and many of them fail to differentiate themselves from the rest. However despite this huge obstacle, Amanchu does successfully manage to differentiate itself from most by being something simple yet beautiful.

Amanchu takes place in a rural town that is close to the ocean where the main character, Teko (Ooki Futaba) has recently moved to. Very soon after, she meets a strange girl, Pikari (Kohinata Hikari), who gets her to join the scuba diving club at school. From there, more characters are introduced (who are ...
Jun 23, 2016
Anne Happy♪ (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
There are a lot of slice of life shows which involve cute girls doing cute things and because of this, a lot of them end up being similar to one another in many ways. Despite many of those series throwing in a twist or two to differentiate themselves from one another, the similarities make most of them not feel like anything special. However, even if a series isn't anything special, it can still be entertaining and enjoyable and Anne Happy is one of those series.

Like most shows in the slice of life genre, there isn't a plot instead we are just watching events that happen ...
Jan 16, 2013
Dog Days' (Anime) add
Dog Days is one of those series (1st season and 2nd season) where you either love it because of all the fun it has and how light hearted it is, or you hate it because it seemingly goes nowhere (this applies more so to the 2nd season). But whether you love it or hate it, there is no denying that Dog Days is good at what it tries to do.

For the second season of Dog Days, Cinque is summoned back to the world of Flonyard along with his close friend Becky and cousin Nanami. This time, however, each side gets their own hero ...
Dec 25, 2012
When people heard that the new season of Hayate no Gotoku would be an independent series instead of animating the Athena arc, many fans were disappointed (including me). This disappointment may have led to some fans having a bias against this season. However, even though this season wasn't nearly as good as the other seasons, it's also not as bad as some people may say.

The series starts off with a bunch of fillers, which the series really could have done without. The comedy in these episodes are very forced and although some of the jokes are funny, most of them fall flat on their face ...
Dec 4, 2012
A couple years ago when I started Saki, I didn't think I would enjoy a series about mahjong because I knew next to nothing about mahjong but Saki sure did change my mind. So when Saki: Achiga-hen was announced I just had to watch it, even though it focused on another set of characters. Although it was not as well done and as memorable as the original, it is still an enjoyable series and very entertaining even if you have no knowledge about the game of mahjong.

Compared to the original season, Achiga-hen is much shorter in length so the pacing of this season is extremely ...
Sep 30, 2012
A big problem with visual novel adaptations these days is that most of them stick to this formula where nothing really happens, there's a lot of attempts at humor, they explore each (or most) character(s) and the protagonist picks a girl. Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate is different, although it still shares some similarities with most visual novel adaptation, it separates itself by having a pretty interesting plot, which makes the series enjoyable.

What really makes the plot interesting is the twists and turns that happen along the way. The plot may seem simple at first, the main character trying to win an election to be ...
Sep 17, 2012
Hyouka (Anime) add
Hyouka is a different from a lot of the anime series being released these days, it doesn't try to go over the top, it's slow paced and can be very refreshing to watch. The series definitely isn't flawless but as a whole, Hyouka is a piece of art.

The plot is pretty simple, the characters live a regular life, go to school and solve mysteries that pop up every now and again. Some of the mysteries span for several episodes but most of them are only an episode in length. Although the plot may not seem all too exciting, Hyouka does a real good job at ...
Jul 23, 2012
Bamboo Blade (Anime) add
I believe a good sports anime should be able to make the viewer enjoy the anime even if they have little knowledge about the sport. Bamboo Blade manages to do this by making the characters the driving force instead of heavily focusing on the sport itself.

The plot is pretty simple, which is basically a school comedy revolving around the kendo club, they practice, go to tournaments and recruit new members along the way. Although the plot is simple, it also works because of the characters. The series is light hearted and has a fairly large amount of comedic moments which are actually pretty funny. The ...
Jul 18, 2012
Mixed Feelings
Even though almost all harem anime are very similar (in terms of plot and characters), at least most of them have a little unique element to help separate themselves from others. This is not the case with Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi, this anime is probably one of the most generic series out there. There is just nothing about this series that pops out.

Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi starts out like most harems, the protagonist has just moved into a new town and then has the accidental kiss with the main heroine of the story. After getting introduced to all the characters, the protagonist gets one on ...

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