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Aug 22, 2015
As soon as I saw this anime on Netflix, the one thing that grabbed my attention was the background art and pleasant scenery. The plot summary seemed interesting enough: a girl serving as the vessel for the "Hime-gami" reluctantly. A bit cliche, but you don't know until you try.

I wish I didn't try though.

Story: 3/10
I finished the anime more confused than when I started. Nothing in the series was every fully explained and/or rushed. There was an unparalleled feeling of dissatisfaction from something with so much potential.

Art: 7/10
As I mentioned before, the art was what hooked me in the beginning. Being a relatively new anime, read more
Feb 21, 2011
One Piece is a beautiful, beautiful manga; however, many people overlook it because it stands in the "Big Three" manga, which are highly criticized.
I admit, I did NOT like One Piece at first, and it bored me to tears at points. That was about 4 years ago, when I still did not have a full grasp on the struggles life had to offer me. I resumed OP around 2 months ago, and I saw it in a very different light.
What I saw once as a silly pirate story became a ongoing, complex story about finding one's passion, friendship (or in this case, "Nakama"), adventure, and read more
Jun 12, 2009
What happens when you unwittingly sign a contract to help someone claiming that they are a demon from the underworld?

Do you collect spirits? Yes, of course! But, the originally is the way you do stealing a girl's heart!

Story (9/10)
- "The World Only God Knows" is quite original, as stated above. The plot is basic and dull sounding at first, but then you question what the heck is going on when you continue reading this manga. Why was a CLEANING demon sent after a 17 year old boy that can only woo girls in video games? Why is the demon calling him "God"? The storyline read more
Aug 3, 2008
Gakuen Alice might be a shoujo manga, but it is none like I have ever seen. The story is about a young girl named Mikan Sakura, who had never had a better friend than Hotaru Imai. But, when Hotaru is discovered to have a special ability called an 'Alice', she transfers to a private school named 'Gakuen Alice (Alice Academy)'. Hearing horrible rumors of that academy, Mikan runs away from home without telling her guardian, her grandfather (her parents are deceased and not much is known about them).

When she stood upon the gates of the academy, Mikan discovers she had an Alice as read more