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Mar 21, 2014
Blue Heaven (Manga) add
Esta review también está en español.

Blue Heaven (from now on, BH) is a psychological thriller from the same author of Skyhigh, Jiraishin and Sidooh: Takashi Tsutomu.

The story of this manga is about the Blue Heaven, the most luxurious and ginormous ship of all time, in one of its transatlantic voyages. While the passengers enjoy all the decadent pleasures of a floating Las Vegas, the captain and several officers find something unusual in their route: there's a ship adrift. After a brief discussion with the owner of the cruise (that wanted to ignore it and just keep going), they decided to stop and check if ...
Feb 7, 2014
Esta review también está en español.

Fuuma Hanran-hen (FH-H) is a fifty minutes OVA that serves as the end to Fuuma no Kojirou, the ninja series made by Masami Kurumada, the creator of Saint Seiya (and Ring no Kakero and BTX, among many other... but these two are the ones worth mentioning). Fuuma no Kojirou has a promising start with Yasha-hen (the first six episodes), then it screw it a bit with Seiken Sensou-hen (the second half of the series, also six episodes)... Does this OVA raise the quality again, or sink the project even more? Let's see. But before that, if it wasn't clear enough: ...
Feb 6, 2014
Mixed Feelings
Esta review también está en español.

Seiken Sensou-hen is the second saga of OVA of Fuuma no Kojirou, one of the not so popular stories of Masami Kurumada, the creator of Saint Seiya. This time, once again, we have various fights, flashy techniques, deaths and lots of bleeding foreheads. So let's begin... but, before that, a reminder: this is a sequel, so if you didn't watch the first part, don't read, since, well, there are a few minor spoilers from part one. Ok, now for real:

SS-h's story shows us that, almost immediately after the war between the Fuuma and the Yasha, Kojirou clan's leader, and ...
Dec 8, 2013
Esta review también está en español.

Recorder to Randoseru Mi☆ is the third season (out of seven?) about the peculiar everyday adventures of the Miyagawa siblings: Atsumi, a high school student that barely reach 1,40 meters, and her little brother Atsushi, a fifth grader with a height of 1,80 m. This is the third season, so I'm assuming that you saw the previous two (if you didn't, go to the Recorder to Randoseru Do♪ page). Don't worry, there are no spoilers here, it's just to clarify what's new in Mi.

In regards to the story, we continue to see Atsushi and Atsumi being victims of various ...
Aug 10, 2013
Yami Shibai (Anime) add
Esta review también está en español.

Step right up and have a look… It's time for Theater of Darkness…

With this ominous presentation, a mysterious man wearing a golden mask invites us to enjoy Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories (Theater of darkness, and from now on, YS), an anthology of Japanese rumors and urban legends, full of spirits, ghost, curses, and all those creepy things we like so much. No gore or extreme violence here, only pure, clean terror.

Unlike creations like Ayakashi: Japanese Classic Horror or Kousetsu Hyaku Monogatari, which both had a more medieval setting (or at least, before the Meiji era), YS take place in ...
Jul 14, 2013
Kamakiri Onna (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
Esta review también está en español.

Kamakiri Onna (Mantis Woman) is a collection of short stories (usually less than thirty pages) made by Senno Knife, an artist specialized in horror manga. This anthology is composed by six chapters:

Mantis Woman, the main title, and the one that gives the name to this collection, is about the arrival of a new teacher, that not only brings education, but also a lot of disappearances and deaths. The title refers to the affinity of the creepy teacher for her two sickles.
The Zenda Family's Hell is about the new family in town, the Zenda. One of their hobbies is to kidnap ...
Mar 14, 2013
Esta review también está en español.

Katsugeki Shoujo Tanteidan (KST from now on) is a veeeeery long 30 min OVA, created in the mid eighties by TMS. In this OVA they didn't aim for greatness, that's for sure. Just to begin with, KST can be translated as "Girl Detective Club"... and I can think of two things wrong with that title: there is no club, nor detectives. But don't worry, there are girls...

The... hmmm... story, I suppose, shows us Yuriko, Midori and Shizuka, three friends that study (and live) in Katrina, one of those typical ginormous and rich academies... But the wealth wasn't enough for ...
Jan 3, 2013
No Littering (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Esta review también está en español.

After more than four years of nothing... Nagao Takena's back, with a pack of new videos full of gore and clay! From all his new works, I choose to start with this one, for one simple reason: it has a powerful aesop!

No Littering (a name that need no explanations, I think) try to make people aware of the dangers of pollution. We see a young couple, casually littering either because they're ignorant, lazy, or complete asses... and for that, they will pay the price. Not the long term one, that involves the destruction of the environment and the extinction of ...
Oct 7, 2012
Preliminary (1/23 chp)
*This review was originally posted for Tenshi no Wakemae, and has subsequently been merged into Idenshi Level Tsurugi*

Esta review también está en español.

One shots are fascinating, in the sense that they manage to tell a story in just a few pages. Resolution has to be quick. That's especially true for those with less than ten pages, in which character development and complexity in general are sacrificed in exchange of style, originality, or at least, a plot twist that surprise the reader.

Tenshi no Wakemae (also known as Angel Share) is about a man who killed himself, and now is in the bar "purgatory". He orders ...
Oct 2, 2012
Esta review también está en español.

In this ONAS, we have yet another intellectual challenge for lil Conan. In his apparently series of neverending adventures, he faced countless villains (which stars between one and three episodes), mobster, Kaito Kid and even Lupin III... but now, Edowaga's facing the Wooo. Who's the Wooo? Is... a TV (a Hitachi one, btw). Surprise, surprise, this is a commercial! But before you complain about how Conan sold out, let's see what this is all about.

There are two ads, each with a different story. In the first one, the Mouri family enjoys a new television program about detectives, in which ...

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