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TsunSoon Dec 14, 2020 8:55 PM
IDK if you know this now but the girl who voiced Tomoya only did his voice when he was a child in flashbacks.
SBdiORO Apr 6, 2020 7:44 AM
Hey there mi dearest CatLaddy, how's it going?! :D
Btw, I've quited watching Anime's, we still can be friends, aye?! :'(
I really missed u, sweet heart!!
SBdiORO Jul 6, 2019 2:17 PM
U shud do as u wish, kitty cat!! tbh never thought a trailer like AMV will spoil, hehe!! anyhow, got a feeling this series might get on to ur top favorites!! ^^

Yh everyday after dusk at the buffets did stuffed mi belly quite well, haha!!
Wht abt YOU, really missed u how r u, buddy :",

although I highly do recommend to watch earlier the story of Violet!! tellin ya, won't find somethin treasury as it!! even I am on hunt for this one's a like, tho!! :p Still u ARE watching ongoing animes, right?!

Congrats!! XD Hope u did greAt for A-Level, it must be tough!! So did u chose a field to sturdy in this university!! :O
SBdiORO May 18, 2019 12:15 PM
Fate AMV Fire
Hey there, CatLaddy!! I'm feelin really guilty, over and over again, don't know how to make it up to you!! pls keep ur heart warm by this AMV!! ^^ spoiler alert, I kinda forgot how to use bbcodes

Anyways I've been Dug up Again and found out "Violet Evergarden" English Dub was released and has to mark it as TOP!! @w@
Not half bad anime's has been released for this spring aye, so which anime becomes ur favorite?! XD

BTW, what happened to ur studies, did u graduated?!
vincent_0 Oct 29, 2018 12:56 PM
As a collective society, we are quick to ignore the notion of biological influences playing a part on our behaviour. But what's most interesting about psychopaths is the idea that their nature plays a significant role. Not only do they seem to have a predisposition to certain behaviours, but as you are aware, scientists have used MRI scans to examine the brain activity of people presumed to be psychopaths. Interestingly, they have found that brain areas responsible for emotion, aggression, impulse, and motivation (such as the amygdala) have reduced activity in the brains of psychopaths. But seemingly enough, this is not sufficient to cause their behaviour, since the biological structure of our brain alone cannot possibly be held responsible for conscious behaviour; it's a well-known fact that various studies have demonstrated the influence of learning and experience on our behaviour. Therefore, it can be assumed that in most cases, to fully constitute a psychopath, there has to be a genetic predisposition that is ultimately triggered by an environmental factor, such as upbringing, traumatic events, etc. Furthermore. I especially agree with your opinion that psychopaths are not just serial killers and co. Funny enough, Kevin Dutton (a British psychologist specialising in the field of psychopathy) has said that the occupations which have the highest proportion of psychopaths in the workplace are CEOs and Lawyers. This makes sense since it is a well-known fact that psychopaths are highly intelligent and use their cunning to get what they want - often inflicting harm on others in the process.

Aww, I love it when they do that. It's almost like they are displaying their emotional side.
My cat sometimes brings dead pigeons and the like to our front door, if that constitutes a gift, lmao. Does yours?
vincent_0 Oct 28, 2018 1:01 PM
So if you agree with the idea that sociopaths are made (which, let's face it, is pretty much fact at this point,) do you believe that psychopaths are born? There are some psychologists that agree with this theory, but then there are some that refute it instead. Furthermore, your point about calmness is spot on; I couldn't agree with it any more. The most interesting thing about remaining calm when one is angry is that it enables you to keep your enemy/target anticipating and, in dire cases, fearing your next move. Like you said, not being able to read someone is scary. It makes you feel vulnerable. So in that sense, keeping your enemies waiting can be considered to be a sign of power; a technique that can be, and most likely has been, used in war. But when people show emotion and lash out, it almost makes them slightly vulnerable since it means that you can read them easier. Whereas displaying next to emotion makes you unreadable and have the advantage over your enemy. Lmao, I've just gone off on a tangent, too. Lol. And as you can see, I have a tendency to view people with two different types of scope: allies and enemies. Again, going off on a tangent, so I'll go feed my cat instead haha - something you can relate to deeply, of course.
vincent_0 Oct 26, 2018 2:45 PM
That's a very interesting psychological viewpoint on their relationship. I would expect nothing less from someone who enjoys analysing humans lmao. I couldn't agree any more with the idea of Sangwoo being a sociopath instead of a psychopath, mainly due to the fact that he still feels some guilt and sympathy for Yoon Bum - primarily after he abuses him, that is. That also leads onto his Bipolar disorder, which seems more implicit and subtle. It's quite jarring for us to wonder if the next chapter will feature Sangwoo in his compassionate form or abusive one. I find myself often anticipating a moment when he snaps at Yoon Bum. I guess what I'm trying to say is that people similar to Sangwoo are arguably terrifying since they can be quite difficult to understand at times. But who doesn't like a challenge?

Well, when I first saw you, your love of cats came across in a prevalent way. As in, a blind man could see that you adore cats. To confess, there was a moment when I was split between deciding if you simply loved cats or were taking your obsession to the next level by becoming one. *shudders* But now it has become clear that you simply idolise them and nothing else, especially not declining to the state of furries (or at least I hope so.)

vincent_0 Oct 25, 2018 3:14 AM
Absolutely. To live is to further your own ambitions, by any means necessary. That is what I believe the meaning of life is. After all, the end justifies the means.

Of course, you would be in your room with your cat. That does not sound surprising in the slightest. Would you ever consider dressing your cat up for Halloween? I know some people are really into that. Well, that's if your cat wouldn't resist it in the first place, lmao.

Yes, it is incredibly fucked up and contentious. But it is nice to get a glimpse at an abusive relationship since so many people believe that every yaoi relationship (in real life) is full of flowers and kittens. The most difficult part about reading it though is not necessarily the disturbing scenes, but more or less the questions raised by their relationship. E.G. there are some scenes where Sangwoo is genuinely nice to Yoon Bum, so you have to wonder if their relationship is abusive or just misunderstood. Crawling Dreams sounds like some messed up hentai lmao. When I read "cat-octopus" I instantly thought of everything wrong in this life, including furries. But mystery/psychological is my favourite genre, and cats are beautiful felines - so I'll add it to my list.

Btw, have you watched attack on titan s3 yet? The first half is finished. Or unless you plan to wait until the next half has aired?
vincent_0 Oct 23, 2018 2:25 PM
I noticed that, too. Your theory would make sense, considering the death note (forbidden fruit) tempted Light and eventually ruined him. Well, that is if you consider Light to have gone morally downhill after using the notebook. In my opinion, he became a better person because of the notebook (controversial and unpopular belief, I know.)

I just started reading that now, and honestly, I really like it so far. You are certainly right about it being dark and creepy. Plus, it feels appropriate to read it near Halloween. Webtoons are great, also. They're a lot easier to read than manga, for obvious reasons. Interestingly, reading it reminded me of Killing Stalking - another great webtoon that you should check it out. It will 100% fuck you up but in a good way. (Mostly.) I mean, it's about an abusive relationship between stalker and stalkee where the stalker contemplates leaving it but feels unable to. I dare you to read it, basically.
vincent_0 Oct 22, 2018 2:48 PM
I completely agree with you there. The scene where they dry each other off from the rain before L's death is encumbered with so much biblical imagery it's unreal. I guess you could even say that the apple itself pertains a lot of biblical significance. It is done so well throughout the anime that it fits with Kira's ideals, something which wouldn't work in other shows (as well.)

Oh cool. What is it about? I'll check it out if you recommend it.
vincent_0 Oct 22, 2018 3:35 AM
It is slightly better than the manga. To be honest, some of the drawings in the manga aren't amazing and in some scenes, they even look a little basic. Whereas in the anime, the animation is obviously not amazing by today's standards but it fits the mood pretty well. And plus, we cannot forget to mention the brilliant soundtrack. Songs like "What's up people?" and Zetsubou Billy are great and chaotic.
vincent_0 Aug 31, 2018 1:52 PM
Wow, that is so dark of you to say, Laura. But I also empathise with your disgust for children - especially the young ones. They're the devils. In our new world there will be no more spoilt, whiny children; instead, all the young children will grow up with a strong sense of justice. We would need to establish a new system, mwaha. We would be overthrowing the government, similar to *cough* AOT S3 *cough* Gotta say, though, plotting a Coup d'état is so thrilling: it would involve backstabbing, betrayal, murder, manipulation on a worldwide scale, and more. Oh, I feel so much better already.

The tale of your cat is such a tragic and sorrow tale, indeed. But every great villain needs a tragic backstory to fuel them and their ambitions. So you should think of your cat as the turning point in your life - as you said, you were never the same after that day. And who knows, when we become omnipotent rulers you can have all the cats in the world. Wouldn't that make you very happy? In fact, another reason to love Japanese culture so much is that there is actually a cat island in Japan. As the name suggests, it is an island solely and exclusively dedicated to felines. How wonderful! (

vincent_0 Aug 28, 2018 12:18 PM
Such an excellent idea. To produce results, not only do we need the influence of Lucas but also the support of a minority. Like Kira, we need people so devoted to our cause that they would follow our orders without question. This could be one of the following: starting a protest/uproar, making a stunt/political message, spreading rumours, leaking juicy information about the people we intend to take down, etc. Of course, we should not disclose the full details of our plans as the CIA or FBI could be watching ;)

Perhaps I am the real Kira. In that case, you should be careful not to disrupt my plans, mwahaha. Unless you crave death, that is. And why is it not surprising that you would dream of robbing candy stores? Perhaps you miss the sweet days of being an innocent and naive child that you wish to go back and take something from your childhood, but permanently, such as candy. Or maybe you hate children so much that you wish to deprive them of delicious and succulent food? Either option is cool - I won't question your motivations ;)

Aw, that's a shame. It must have been really hard for you and your family. It's horrible when your cat runs away. My ginger cat ran away too, during the fireworks last year. It's unfortunate when that happens. I guess they're so independent and free-spirited that it makes sense. And my dog is a Shihtzu haha. The thing about them is that they are so lazy and fluffy that they almost look as cute as a cat.

Yes, I've heard of them. They are cute indeed.
I have never seen a real-life one since they mostly live indoors. But it's true that they look like wrinkly socks hahaha. And when they grow up they start to look like little aliens. If only they were cheaper, and didn't require different fur oils and a little extra maintenance when it comes to keeping them clean and looking after them.

vincent_0 Aug 27, 2018 6:36 AM
Yes, he agreed to them. Tonight I expect him to address me as his superior, but we'll see about that. And what Millie said is 100% true. I also like the fact that you already knew the answer, yet you pretended not to know and innocently asked in order to gain some useful information from Allistair. I knew you were the right partner for manipulating and taking over the world. Speaking of such, we should definitely take over SWA first and then, like the ambitious climbers we are, take control of England and slowly expand our influence onto other countries. Now that Lucas is head boy...well, you know what I'm going to say: now Lucas is a very useful pawn in the game, he must be manipulated and used to further our own ideas in SWA. It would be fantastic as Lucas puts forward these proposals that are secretly ours, and as such, we would control the school from the shadows. Mwhaha.

You see, if I were a criminal, I wouldn't get arrested because they would never catch me. Why do you think I want to study Law at Uni? So that I could get away with murder, mwahaha. What crime would you be arrested for? I could imagine you as an arsonist for some reason hahaha.

Yes, it's no doubt that you would choose a cat over anything in this world - you must really worship them! That is true about dogs: I have to wash mine every weekend, take him out for 2 walks a day, and then feed him 3 meals because he is so fat and greedy. Whereas, like you said, cats are their own spirit and do whatever they please, given that you have fed them first, of course. Did you ever see that cat again? It's a shame when they move away and never come back.

Oh my, that giff is hilarious hahaha. There are so many memes made out of that gif.
What is your favourite breed of cat? Black, by any chance? My favourite breed of cat has to be a sphynx cat because they look like little cute aliens.

vincent_0 Aug 26, 2018 5:03 PM
Mwhahah, perhaps that is exactly what I am. The dead are simply my humble and obedient servants. In fact, Allistair messaged me earlier on today and asked me why I hated him. I agreed to tell him the reason on 2 conditions: (1) that he address me as his superior whenever he is in my presence, and (2) swear that he with faithfully execute any task that needs to be fulfilled to the best of his ability, effectively meaning that he will be under my command. Mwhahaha, it feels good to be evil! And yes, Lucas has just become so corrupted by being around me for too long. As in, it's not a coincidence that as soon as he spends time with me, he ends up in a detention and swears more; you could say that my influence over him has been significant. In fact, because you have an interest in the dark arts and the socially unacceptable, why don't you join me in deceiving and bending everyone to my will? You might enjoy it and be good at it ;)))

Yeah, I've heard of that website. It would be so fascinating to write a letter to a criminal and in the unlikely case, get a response. Even then, just knowing that the criminal you wrote to could be reading your letter is an experience itself. Can you imagine writing to a notorious serial killer and gaining an insight into how they think and perceive the world around them? That would be awesome, and certainly, a thing to put on your personal statement, lmao. And what you mentioned about Ted Bundy's childhood is so interesting because it just emphasizes a psychopath's ability to camouflage themselves in society and remain hidden, working from the shadows. That alone is actually quite terrifying. Like you say about the religious that not just hypocrisy? How can you even kill people from other religions in the name of your religion? It doesn't make sense.

Aww, I love cats. They're so elegant and aloof, constantly giving you the impression that they're controlling you. Unlike dogs, they're so independent that they are not tiring to look after. I only wish that they were, in general, more loyal to their owners. Other than that, they are majestic and mysterious creatures who deserve to be worshipped by us pitiful and shameful humans. What cats do you have? And whilst on the subject of them, here's a cute picture of one: